10 Best Cutscenes in Witcher 3: Battle, Romance & Humor

The Witcher 3 is one of the most cinematic video games players can get their hands on. Whether it be combat, romance, comedy, or simply amazing dialogue, there’s no denying that the game’s cinematic scenes add to its already incredible story and writing.

Here’s a look at the top 10 best Witcher 3 cutscenes. We’ll also mention when and how these cutscenes happen because you can actually miss quite a few.

10. Geralt Deciding Olgierd’s Fate

The ending of Hearts of Stone features two possible cutscenes that can either be harrowing or hopeful. Players who have no sympathy for Olgierd can choose not to interrupt as Gaunter O’Dimm ends his life.

However, if players decide to intervene and beat the Man of Glass in his own game, they get rid of this supernatural entity once and for all, freeing both Geralt and Olgierd from his torment. 

Both scenes are special in their own way and make the final moments of Hearts of Stone stand out.

9. The Witchers Sharing A Moment After Getting Really Drunk

While it may be a stretch to call this moment a cutscene given how some of its aspects are playable to an extent, the scene where Geralt, Eskel, and Lambert get drunk is a memorable moment that shows how deep the bond between the three witchers is.

Players can push this scene to the very limit, going along with every suggestion to the point where they’re straight up wearing Yennefer’s dresses and messing around with her megascope. It’s a certified bro moment and a much-needed humorous break from the dark world of the Witcher.

8. Geralt Discovering The True Depths Of Olgierd’s Curse

One of the best cutscenes in The Witcher 3 is actually missed by many players during Hearts of Stone. When you show up at the Garin Estate to collect your pay for killing the Toad Prince, you’ll see it up in flames. Here, one of the members of Olgierd’s band is seemingly on the verge of being executed for vague, undefined reasons. 

If players threaten the men trying to perform the execution by choosing the dialogue option “Let him go, or face my wrath,” Olgierd comes out and challenges Geralt to a duel. This challenging fight ends in an amazing cutscene that needs to be seen to really enjoy what it brings to the table.

7. Eskel Battling Caranthir

The Battle of Kaer Morhen is one of the most cinematic moments in Witcher 3, and every cutscene in this set piece is a thing to remember. One such moment comes when Eskel gets his time to shine against Caranthir, the navigator of the Wild Hunt (a fancy word for the guy who makes their portals).

The two duke it out in an amazing fight before Caranthir’s disappearing act becomes too much for the witcher to take.

6. Geralt, Lambert, And Letho Fighting The Wild Hunt

In a bid to slow down the enemy’s approach during the Battle of Kaer Morhen, Geralt, Lambert, and potentially Letho can head out to kill as many members of the hunt as possible.

What follows is a glorious dance of death as all three characters pull their weight and take out the enemies standing in their way. It’s an excellent cutscene that pumps players up for what’s to follow, and this is just the beginning of the battle!

Keep in mind that the scene looks the same whether or not you recruit Letho, but it is nice to see the enormous Witcher in battle. 

5. Geralt And Triss At The Lighthouse

This cutscene happens for players who pursue Triss as their romantic interest in Witcher 3. After completing the quest “A Matter of Life or Death,” Triss’ romance sequence continues in “Now or Never,” a quest where you help her save mages in Novigrad. 

On the docks when talking to Triss, you have to say “Stay with me,” followed by “I love you” for Triss to remain behind, leading to a memorable romantic cutscene in a lighthouse. 

4. Geralt And Yennefer’s Bond Grows Deeper After Removing The Djinn’s Wish

While Geralt and Yennefer may be meant for each other, the duo never knew if their feelings were genuine because of a wish from a Djinn that kept them together. To get rid of these doubts once and for all, they decide to hunt down and capture another Djinn who can get rid of the wish that bound their destiny together.

Players who want to pursue Yennefer as their canon romance option will find the scene that follows to be quite heartwarming. 

3. Geralt And Ciri Reuniting

A massive chunk of The Witcher 3 involves the hunt to find Ciri, with players slowly moving towards this goal before finally entering the Isle of Mists. After running some errands, players finally get the key to unlock the door to find Ciri.

When Geralt enters the cabin, the menacing tone makes it seem like Ciri had passed away mere moments before Geralt could arrive. However, this was just a ploy by Ciri to hide her presence from the Wild Hunt, and watching her reawaken and embrace Geralt makes for one of the game’s most emotional moments

2. Geralt Avenging Vesemir’s Death

Players quickly learn to hate the Wild Hunt general Imlerith thanks to his role in Vesemir’s demise. After you face the giant elven villain on Bald Mountain in a battle for the ages, you get to see one of the most satisfying cutscenes in the whole game. 

1. Vesemir Sacrificing His Life for Ciri

As the mentor to Ciri, Geralt, and pretty much every witcher in Kaer Morhen, Vesemir is the much-needed Dad figure of Witcher 3. During the battle against the Wild Hunt, he fails to defeat Imlerith.

In a desperate bid to save Ciri from the Hunt, Vesemir lands a cheap shot on the elf, leading to arguably the saddest cutscene in the game. 

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