12 Best Witcher Merch, Gifts, and Collectibles

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Maybe you’ve played the games, read the books, and seen the second season of the Witcher Netflix show. And yet, your Witcher cravings still aren’t satiated. 

You would like something tangible to remind you of the fascinating setting and characters of this timeless saga. Sounds like you’re just about ready to step into the world of Witcher merch!

The franchise has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a lonesome collection of Polish fantasy stories. And that means that anything goes: board games, figurines, sketchbooks, you name it. 

Here are the 12 best Witcher merch, gifts, and collectible items to display on your shelves or play around with.

12 Awesome Witcher Merch, Gifts and, Collectibles

The Witcher Boxed Set

Can you even call yourself a connoisseur of the Witcher if you haven’t read the books by the franchise’s originator, Andrzej Sapkowski? And even if you did indeed read them, what better way to celebrate them than a beautiful boxed set, serving as a centerpiece of your Witcher collectibles? 

With the Netflix show taking their liberties with the source material (as re-imagining things in different media should) and the games jumping far ahead of the books into the future, Sapkowski’s original work still remains in paper form for you to enjoy.

This set includes all eight Witcher saga books.

Witcher Tabletop RPG

If you’re blessed with a group of friends who like D&D and similar roleplaying games and are into the world of the Witcher, this could be an excellent purchase for you. 

Bear in mind, this is much more than just simple Witcher merchandise you are going to put somewhere in your room to look good (although it can serve that purpose as well). With a good Dungeon Master (DM) and an imaginative band of buddies, you can easily get carried away in grand quests of monster-slaying and political intrigue. 

The World of the Witcher: Video Game Compendium

Now, this is quite a treat for the lovers of the video game series — a compendium covering Geralt, his friends, the monsters they fight (in human form as well), the people they meet, the places they visit, and the entire Witcher game world.

The book covers a broad history of the Northern kingdoms and Nilfgaard, political factions, and affiliations. If you have an avid gamer in the house, this could be one of the best Witcher gift ideas you can find. Plus, it looks great on any shelf, although there’s also a Kindle version.

Witcher Bathtub Figurine

Now we are talking about the real Witcher merch! Geralt in the bathtub has grown into quite an iconic image. It first appeared in the game but has been mirrored in the Netflix show as well.

Just like everyone else, Geralt needs to rest from time to time, to clean up the muck and dust that gathered on his trusty leather jacket and soak his tired, weather-beaten bones in the hot tub. No wonder people can relate! 

This figurine is a great little addition to your game station, bookshelf, or even your bathroom to set a relaxing mood.

Funko POP Geralt Action Figure

A Funko POP figure is usually a sign that you have made it in popular culture. It’s cute and makes for a great gift.

Apart from Geralt, who is probably the most universally loved of the Witcher characters, Funko also has the female trio on offer: Siri, Triss, and Yennefer. Personally, we’re big fans of the Eredin version, which somehow makes the menacing villain look cute with his skeleton helmet.

There are alternate versions of some characters based on the Netflix show.

Dark Horse Witcher Figurines

If you’re looking for more authentic, serious Witcher figurines that bring Witcher 3 to life, you can’t go wrong with Dark Horse. As before, Geralt is the most popular option, but you can choose between multiple options, like Geralt wearing the Ursine armor set or the Feline set.

You can also get a figurine of one of the lovely ladies (Tris, Yennefer, Ciri), Eredin, and even minor characters like Regis and Dandelion.

Witcher Library Edition: Volume 1

In 2018 the Witcher saga entered another artistic medium through the Dark Horse hardcover comic book. Penned by experienced comic writer Paul Tobin, this edition is not only prime-time shelf material but also worth your reading time for another dive into this fascinating world.

The book contains issues #1 through #5 from the comic series: House of Glass, Fox Children, and Curse of Crows, plus the short story Killing Monsters, with stories by Joe Querio, Piotr Kowalski, and Max Bertolini, as well as bonus sketchbooks with additional art. 

JINX Witcher 3 White Wolf Medallion

If you asked someone what is the most recognizable symbol of a witcher, most people would probably name the Wolf School Witcher medallion worn by Geralt.

A simple piece of merch that will keep you company every day, this keychain looks the part and even has glowing red LED eyes. If you have a Witcher-lover among family and friends, gift them this and expect them to never lose their keys again.

JINX Witcher 3 Wallet

You need a safe place to keep all those crowns, orens, and florens. Sure, bags full of coins are great, but modern problems need modern solutions and Jinx Witcher merch is here for you. 

This traveling pouch will take care of your money-storing needs, with a wolf medallion patch on the front, a witcher logo embossed on the inside, and contrasting stitching on the outside. It’s perhaps not a shelf piece, but it is one of the most practical Witcher gift ideas out there.

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Gwent Cards Set

Although Gwent as a card game might not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are a lot of fans of the original card game (not the standalone Gwent game that changed almost everything about the original). 

Luckily, CD Projekt Red did publish actual, physical card sets, which is awesome for the (dozens! There are dozens of us!) fans that really enjoyed this game within the game.

Just think of the uses for this! For example, when a shop clerk is a nuisance, you can always brandish the deck and pull a quick Geralt on them: “Dunno that I’m gonna buy anything, but I sure wouldn’t mind a few rounds of Gwent.”

The Witcher Adult Coloring Book

Although the title might suggest material of a little…adult nature, this coloring book is “adult” mostly due to the images containing monsters (and people) in various stages of dismemberment and (again) Geralt in a bathtub.

Witcher merch focuses on action and violence, which is certainly par for the course in this saga, however, the coloring books are also meant as a meditative diversion. It is a little something to calm you down and let you dawdle away for an hour or two, while the Wild Hunt in your brain calms down a bit.

Secret Lab Witcher Edition Gaming Chair

secret lab witcher 3 gaming chair

Gaming chairs have been with us for a long time (just like the Witcher, I hear you yelling from the back) and Secret Lab is arguably the most popular gaming chair maker out there.

The Witcher Edition chair is beautiful to look at, definitely not suffering from overdesign as many gaming products do. It might not be considered one of the Witcher collectibles per se, but those who want to surround themselves with all things Witcher will appreciate it.

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