How to get Manticore Witcher Gear

manticore witcher gear set

This guide will explain how to get the Manticore gear diagrams in Witcher 3. Unlike the four Grandmaster level upgrades for existing witcher gear introduced in the Blood and Wine expansion, Manticore is an entirely new set of witcher gear. This level 40 grandmaster-tier medium armor set is themed around alchemy. Considering the strength of … Read more

Blood & Wine new info, release date May 31

It looks like the long awaited Blood & Wine expansion has finally received a release date: May 31. CDPR updated the DLC’s Steam page, and although they promptly took it down, several fans were able to grab screenshots.

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New Blood and Wine info

Today we’ve got some new information about the long-awaited Blood and Wine expansion. For starters, some interesting stuff from a German interview with a CD Projekt Red developer and PR manager:

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Blood and Wine expansion could be released on June 7


CD Projekt Red originally wanted to release the “Blood and Wine” expansion at the beginning of 2016, but have since then delayed to “first half of 2016”. Now, according to Polish gaming site GRYonline, it looks like the release date may be June 7.

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