Hearts of Stone Info

With the release of Witcher 3’s expansion “Hearts of Stone” mere weeks away (October 13th) it’s a good time to showcase some fresh information. As a quick reminder, the plot of HoS will see Geralt facing off against the immortal bandit leader Olgierd von Everec, at the behest of the “man of glass” -a character you actually met … Read more

Hearts of Stone Expansion and other news

The Hearts of Stone Expansion, slated for an October 13 2015 release, will include completely new map locations, items, characters, monsters….and new gwent cards for you gwent lovers! Source (in Polish). The expansion quests are all going to be level 30+ and can be played either during or after the main story. CDPR will also … Read more

New Game + Released (Patch 1.08.2)

New Game +, the final piece of free Witcher 3 DLC content is now officially out on all platforms! To try it out, use a save where you have completed the main questline and a notification will pop up saying “you have unlocked New Game+ on this savegame”. After that choose “New Game” from the main menu. … Read more

Patch 1.08 is Live with New Mutagen Icons

Patch 1.08 has officially been released today with one interesting, undocumented change: new icons for mutagens. It is now easier to distinguish between the different tiers of mutagens (lesser, normal, greater). IMO, a vast improvement over the vanilla version. This also means we can expect Patch 1.09 and New Game + in the next week or … Read more