Patch 1.05 News, Crafting Guide & More

First some CDPR news – they are working diligently on patch 1.05, which will bring a fix to the XP bug, as well as a slew of game fixes and improvements, such as bugged quests, graphics errors. The patch is set to come out some time after this weekend. Partial List of Changes: – Geralt … Read more

Patch 1.03 is now live!

Patch 1.03, which fixes a lot of crashing issues and has tons of improvements, fixes, and etc has officially been released. That’s a lot faster than expected! You can download the patch directly through Steam, or through (if that’s where you purchased your game).

Major Witcher 3 Patch Announced

Cd Project Red has announced a major patch slated for release in the next week. The patch will focus on addressing PC-centric issues with graphics, crashes, settings, and other problems. The patch will reportedly contain over 600 changes. Click here for full story.

New Witcher 3 Cinematic

With only about 4 days left to release, we’ve got a brand new Cinematic Trailer for Witcher 3, and it’s awesome! No fancy explosions or armies of bad guys, this cinematic is all about good old witching.