Who is Lambert in the Witcher? Lore Explained

lambert in witcher 3 and netflix show

Geralt is far from the only member of the Wolf Witcher School. There are also Vesemir, Eskel, and of course the sharp-tongued Lambert.  Love him or hate him, Lambert has a solid presence in the Witcher franchise, especially in the Witcher 3 where he stars in some comic scenes. Known for his sharp tongue, Lambert … Read more

Who is Eskel in the Witcher? Lore Explained

eskel witcher lore

Geralt’s social circle is not limited to monsters, sorceresses, and a time-and-space-bending princess. Back at Kaer Morhen, he also has friends who share his monster-slaying craft. Among these, some are considered to be brothers, as is the case with the Witcher Eskel.  In this Witcher Lore article, we’ll cover Eskel and his portrayal in the … Read more

The Witcher Lore Explained: Everything You Need to Know

witcher lore explained

Few fantasy worlds are as intricate and immersive as the Witcher. Between the books, comics, compendiums, and video games, there’s so much Witcher lore to lose yourself in that you might not know where to start.  New to the wonderful world of the Witcher and feeling a little confused? Pour yourself a glass of Est … Read more

Papa Vesemir: The Oldest Witcher’s Lore & Story Explained

Vesemir witcher lore

Affectionately dubbed Papa Vesemir by Witcher fans, Vesemir is the oldest surviving monster slayer and a father figure to Geralt. In this fourth installment of our Witcher Lore series, we’ll cover Vesemir’s character in the game, books, and Netflix show. Who is he and why is he important? How is he related to Geralt, Ciri, and … Read more