CD Project Red Announces Remake for Original Witcher Game

While the praise for The Witcher 3 has been universal and we’re awaiting the late 2022 release of the game’s next-gen update, the original Witcher game hasn’t received that much attention. One of the big reasons why is that it’s quite dated, having been released all the way back in 2007.

That’s why we’re excited to share the news from CD Project Red: they will be remaking The Witcher (also known as Witcher 1) in Unreal Engine 5 from the ground up. The game is currently in the early stages of development in the hands of Fool’s Theory, a Polish video game studio.

The Witcher was the first game that CD Project Red released, so this is quite a big deal. It’s considered an underrated title and a quintessential example of Eurojank.

You can see the full CDPR news release here. We’re looking forward to more news and will keep you updated on the game’s development. In the meantime, here’s a screenshot from the original game:

The Witcher 1 (2007) Screenshot
The Witcher (2007) Screenshot.

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