Optimize Your Witcher 3 Playthrough With This Detailed Quest Guide

Are you a completionist, or simply looking for a guide to help you get the most out of your next-gen Witcher 3: Wild Hunt experience? Then you might find the Witcher 3 Quest Guide from Reddit user TormundGiantsBane44 useful.

He spent many hours creating a google spreadsheet with multiple tabs that lists all of the quests and other activities in the game and makes it easy to make sure you completed everything. The first tab shows all the quests organized by regions, main quests, side quests, contracts, and other categories. But that’s not all.

The second tab is a walkthrough and suggests an order to take on the quests. It’s helpful for those who want to complete every piece of Witcher 3 content available. Many of the quests are hyperlinked to guide videos from the xLetalis channel. 

The other tabs are Scavenger Hunts to get the Witcher Schools sets, Gwent Cards (there’s a trophy to get them all), a Trophy List tab, and fun custom challenges to spice your game up.

It’s recommended to make your own copy of the spreadsheet. That way, you can check off the boxes and track your progression. The spreadsheet is incredibly organized but requires a little guidance. Creating this guide was definitely a herculean task, and only those who have played Witcher 3 know how majestic this spreadsheet is. 

The recommendation from the creator, and ours here at the Witcher Hour, is to make your first blind run and enjoy everything the world of Witcher 3 offers you naturally and at your own pace. Then, if you want to do another playthrough, you can use the spreadsheet to make sure you did everything.

We’ll be personally following this guide for our next-gen playthrough of Witcher 3.

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