Henry Cavill Is Leaving The Witcher, Fans Launch Petition to Bring Him Back

The biggest news in the Witcher sphere is that Henry Cavill is leaving his role as Geralt in Netflix’s The Witcher. Although he will appear in the upcoming third season of the show, he announced on Instagram that he will not be appearing in the 4th season. Instead, he will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth.

The news has caused uproar and speculation from fans. It’s no secret that many people (including yours truly) have criticized the writing of the Netflix show, which in many ways departs from the story and character portrayal in the Witcher books. That’s why many people speculate that Cavill, who fought to get the role of Geralt and is a big fan of both the Witcher books and games, left the show because he doesn’t feel it’s being faithful to the source material.

Fans of the show even started a popular petition on change.org that calls for the writers to be fired and Henry Cavill to be reinstated as Geralt. The petition currently has over 150,000 signatures; at 200,000, it will become one of the top-signed petitions on change.org.

Another possibility is that Henry is leaving the show to focus on reprising his role as Superman, following his cameo in the Black Adam film.

Whatever the case, many fans have made it clear that they will stop watching the show after the third season, so we can expect The Witcher to have a big drop in viewership for season 4 and beyond.

About the only good news that came out of all this is that Liam Hemsworth actually auditioned for the role of Geralt in 2018 and was close to being cast. So at least we know he wants to play the role.

You can see the full Instagram message from Cavill below:

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