How to get the Cat (Feline) Witcher Gear

On this page, you can find detailed walkthroughs for obtaining every diagram for every upgrade level (basic, enhanced, superior, and mastercrafted) of the Cat (Feline) Witcher set, one of the best armor sets in the game.

The Feline set is ideal for an agile build that focuses on fast attacks and low armor.

Note: if you’re having trouble finding the diagram chests, look for a Wolf Head symbol; examining it will give you a general area to search.

This symbol can be found at every Witcher gear diagram location; examining it will give you a highlighted area to look for the chest on your map.

Normal Set

Witcher 3 - How to get the Feline Set (Scavenger Hunt: Cat School)

Text Version:

Start off by traveling to the village of Blackbough. There, you will find two merchants; the one to the north west will sell you the map for locating the feline set diagrams. After this, you will get a new quest location in Novigrad – you will have to do some exploring around the hill to find the entrance into the cave.

Feline Armor (Chest, Boots, Trousers, Gauntlets)

In the cave, start off by taking the leftmost tunnel, and make all the statues turn inwards to open the secret trap door, then loot the laboratory key at the bottom – you can ignore the drowners. Return back to the start of the cave and this time take the main route where the Golem is – behind it will be a door that you can now unlock, fight the mini-boss, and loot the diagrams.

Basic Feline Armor Diagrams Location

The feline silver sword, steel sword, and crossbow diagram locations can be found below. The Feline crossbow diagram is inside the capsized ship to the south-west of Novigrad

Feline Crossbow diagram location.

The Feline silver sword behind a breakable wall to the north-east of Oxenfurt.

Feline Silver Sword diagram location.

The Feline steel sword at the lower level of the castle tower south of Novigrad, behind a breakable door.

Feline Steel Sword diagram location.

Enhanced Set

Enhanced Feline Chest Armor –  on the second floor of a ruined building directly east of Oxenfurt in eastern Velen.



Enhanced Feline Boots –  just inside the entrance to a cave in eastern Velen – the same cave where you get the Royal Wyvern contract (“Phantom of the Trade Route”).



Enhanced Feline Trousers  -- under a house in Oxenfurt. You will have to enter the house, go down the stairs to the basement, and then take a ladder into the sewer. In the sewer, you will find a mechanism that opens a hidden door to reveal the diagram chest.

enhancedfelinetrouserslocation witcher3_2015_06_15_18_43_46_547witcher3_2015_06_15_18_46_18_527

Enhanced Feline Gauntlets –  found at an abandoned mine site to the west of Oxenfurt, in a small cave under the wooden stairs.


Enhanced Feline Steel Sword –   inside the same cave where you do the “Fool’s Gold” DLC quest in eastern Velen. The chest is located near the cave entrance, where the path turns to the left.


Enhanced Feline Silver Sword –   just past Novigrad’s eastern (Oxenfurt) gate. Climb up the ladder near the quest location, go inside the door, and then up another set of stairs and you will find the diagram chest.


Superior Set

Superior Feline Chest, Boost, Gauntlets, Trousers –  found at a single location in eastern Velen, to the northwest of Crookback Bog. The area is guarded by a level 27 Earth Elemental but you don’t have to fight it – the chest is located inside nearby ruins.

superiorfelinearmorlocation witcher3_2015_06_15_19_25_24_071

Superior feline steel sword – diagram is found in the far north of the map, inside a cavern to the north of Novigrad. It is guarded by a level 19 Golem.


Superior feline silver sword –  in a cave to the south of Novigrad; there will be a couple of level 18 Nekkers here. The chest itself is up on a ledge, behind some breakable rocks. You will need to use Aard to access it.

superiorfelinesilverswordlocation witcher3_2015_06_15_19_36_13_855

Mastercraft Set

Mastercrafted Feline Armor (Chest, Boots, Gauntlets, Trousers) –   inside a cave on Faroe – the southernmost island in Skellige. The chest is located just behind the 2 statues.

Mastercrafted feline silver sword – Also on Faroe Island, inside a different cave; you will find two walls that you can break using Aard. The diagram chest is behind the second wall.



Mastercrafted feline steel sword –  inside the ruined fortress of Kaer Gelen in central Ard Skellig. You will have to enter from the side because the main gate is locked. The chest is behind a set of broken metal bars, halfway up the stairs to the second level. The area is guarded by level 29 Wraiths.

mastercraftedfelinesteelsword witcher3_2015_06_15_19_55_22_213