How to Get the Forgotten Wolven Witcher Armor (Next-Gen Update)

The Witcher 3 next-gen update (patch 4.0) added an entirely new Witcher school set themed after the armor worn by Henry Cavill in the Witcher show: the Forgotten Wolven armor. The set provides bonuses to potion duration and Aard damage when used with Yrden.

In this guide, we’ll explain exactly how to get every level (regular, mastercrafted, grandmaster) of this witcher gear set.

Standard Forgotten Wolven Armor

forgotten wolven armor quest location

The basic set can be obtained by doing the “In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow” quest. Fast travel to the Devil’s Pit, located in central Velen (southeast of Novigrad, near the Hanged Man’s Tree) and talk with the Eternal Fire priest down the road.

He’ll give you a quest to go down into the nearby mine. Clear out the bandits and head inside, following the minimap marker to the note. Continue further down into the mine and listen to the voice to help guide the way to the next note and cut down the trapped witcher using Aard. 

After you fight him (and make some choices) you’ll now have all of the diagrams for the regular (level 20) Forgotten Wolven set: armor, trousers, boots, gauntlets, silver, and steel swords. You can now go to an armorer and craft the set, provided you have the required materials.

The set looks exactly the same as the armor worn by Henry Cavill in season 1 of Netflix’s The Witcher. Keep reading if you want to upgrade the set to a higher level.

Mastercrafted & Grandmaster Forgotten Wolven School Gear

You’ll also automatically pick up the Scavenger Hunt: Forgotten Wolven School Gear quest, which will give you the diagrams for the mastercrafted (level 34) and grandmaster (level 40) versions of the set (the grandmaster version has the season 2 Witcher show look).

Track the quest, head to Kaer Morhen, and go inside the castle toward the quest marker. Go up a ladder in the library area and you’ll see a highlighted book.

Loot it and read both notes to receive the diagrams. That’s it, you can now craft all three tiers of the Forgotten Wolven armor!

Bonus: Forgotten Wolven Armor Console Item Codes

If you’re feeling lazy and just want to get the Forgotten gear set straight away without having to do any quests or crafting, you can also use the following console commands to add them to your inventory. Keep in mind that you need to have your debug console enabled.

Standard set:

  • additem(‘Netflix Armor’)
  • additem(‘Netflix Gloves’)
  • additem(‘Netflix Boots’)
  • additem(‘Netflix Pants’)
  • additem(‘Netflix steel sword’)
  • additem(‘Netflix silver sword’)

Mastercrafted set:

  • additem(‘Netflix Armor 1’)
  • additem(‘Netflix Gloves 1’)
  • additem(‘Netflix Boots 1’)
  • additem(‘Netflix Pants 1’)
  • additem(‘Netflix steel sword 1’)
  • additem(‘Netflix silver sword 1’)

Grandmaster set:

  • additem(‘Netflix Armor 2’)
  • additem(‘Netflix Gloves 2’)
  • additem(‘Netflix Boots 2’)
  • additem(‘Netflix Pants 2’)
  • additem(‘Netflix steel sword 2’)
  • additem(‘Netflix silver sword 2’)

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