How to get the Wolf Witcher Gear

On this page, you can find detailed walkthroughs for obtaining every diagram for every upgrade level (basic, enhanced, superior, and mastercrafted) of the Wolf Witcher gear set.

The Wolf set is the newest witcher gear added in a June DLC update. This medium armor set is good all around with bonuses to physical damage, sign intensity, and solid defenses.

Note: if you’re having trouble finding the chest with the diagrams, look for a Wolf Head symbol; this will give you a general area to search.

This symbol can be found at every Witcher gear diagram location; examining it will give you a highlighted area to look for the chest on your map.

Normal Set

Fast Travel to Kaer Morhen, and then go up the road to the old Signal Tower near Kaer Morhen castle. You will find a note inside a chest in the tower; read the note to start the quest for the normal wolf set.

Note: If you’re collecting the entire set right away, be sure to scroll down and find the locations for the Enhanced and Superior diagrams, because they are also located in Kaer Morhen.

Location of the note that begins the quest for the basic set of wolf witcher gear.

Use your witcher senses on the first level of the tower and activate the crystal on the wall with your Aard sign.


You will then also need to pick up a 2nd crystal by going back to the entrance of the tower, and going through the hole in the wall. After this, activate the crystal on the wall, and jump into the portal. Here you can pick up the wolf armor diagrams.


The diagram for the wolven steel sword is found inside the Garrison to the west of Kaer Morhen.


The silver wolven sword diagram is found in the far north of the Kaer Morhen map at the Ruined Watchtower; the easiest way to get there is to take the boat from the southern end of the lake.


Enhanced Set

Enhanced Wolven chest armor is located on a small island south of Fyke Isle in Velen (its located underwater). Don’t forget to loot the other stuff on the island.



Enhanced Wolven Boots – inside a cave on the eastern end of Velen.


Enhanced Wolven Silver Sword – inside a small cave at the back of Crow’s Perch, near the main castle building – the same place where you first meet the Bloody Baron. Go down the ladder and all the way to the bottom of the cave near the water to find the chest.


Enhanced Wolven Trousers – on a small island in the lake at Kaer Morhen – the chest will be submerged in shallow water.

enhancedtrouserswolven2 Enhancedwolventrousers

Enhanced Wolven Gauntlets –  far southern Kaer Morhen inside a cave.


Enhanced Wolven Steel Sword – same place as the basic silver sword diagram, at the Ruined Watctower in northern Kaer Morhen. It will be up on a wooden ledge on one of the walls.


Superior Set

Superior Wolven Chest Armor & Silver Sword


The chest armor diagram is on the southern end of Ard Skellig, on top of the wooden ramparts surrounding a Harpy monster den. The silver sword diagram is inside a small abandoned hut in the side of a hill on the south-western part of Ard Skellig.

Chest armor diagram is on top of the ramparts; you will need to jump up to get here.

Superior Wolven Steel Sword – inside a ruined fort on the bottom level, Hindarsfjall island (eastern Skellige Isles). The chest is in the top-left corner of the room. The room is filled with poison so you need to use your Igni sign to detonate it. Keep in mind that the poison comes back very quickly, and that you need to use Igni several times to get to the chest.


Make sure to keep a safe distance when you use Igni or the explosion will damage you.
Make sure to keep a safe distance!

Superior Wolven Gauntlets, Trousers & Boots – all of these are located in Kaer Morhen; Trousers in an old cave used for Witcher Trials to the north west of the fortress (the chest is behind some breakable rocks); boots to the far east (follow the river to a cave); and gauntlets in an old iron mine, guarded by a level 30 Earth Elemental.


Mastercraft Set

Mastercrafted Wolven Steel Sword & Chest Armor – The steel sword in inside a sunken ship on the south-western end of Velen. It is located under the stairs to the hull of the ship.

The chest armor is inside a small chest near the panther statue in far southern Velen.


Mastercrafted Wolven Chest Armor chest location.

Mastercrafted Wolven Silver Sword – inside a locked shack, not far from the Nilfgaardian Camp in southern Velen. You will need to kill a Fiend to loot the keys to get inside.


Mastercrafted Wolven Trousers – at the old watchtower on Spikeroog Island (north-west Skellige Isles). It is up on a wall near the travel post, so you will need to climb up to get it.

mastercraftedwolventrousers witcher3_2015_08_02_17_08_46_329

Mastercrafted Wolven Boots – behind a ruined tower on Undvik island in Skellige (south-west of map).

mastercraftedwolvenboots witcher3_2015_08_02_17_11_10_345

Mastercrafted Wolven Gauntlets – on Ard Skellig in the middle of the island. This area is guarded by a high-level Fiend (Morvudd) but you don’t actually have to kill him. Just walk around the side of the tower and look for the chest on the wall.


If you’re careful, you don’t need to fight Morvudd to get the gauntlets diagram.