Guide to Making Money in Witcher 3

Making money in The Witcher 3 can be a grind for new and veteran players alike. Witcher gear isn’t cheap, and Geralt’s inventory fills up quickly, especially early in the game.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of ways to bulk up your coin pouch. Some money-making methods are honest, some are a little dubious, and others are downright cheating.

Whether you’re an altruistic witcher or you’re not opposed to getting your gauntlets dirty for a few extra Crowns, our Witcher 3 money guide has got you covered.

Tips for looting and making money in TW3

  • Loot everything, broken oars and butterknives included.
  • Sell items to the right merchants — armor to armorers, weapons to blacksmiths, alchemy ingredients to herbalists, etc.
  • Complete Witcher contracts. Always haggle for the best price.
  • Convert Florens and Orens into Crowns at Vivaldi Bank in Novigrad.
  • Upgrade Roach’s saddlebags as soon as possible so you can carry more stuff.
  • Activate the Strong Back perk for +60 max carry weight.
  • Use the Fiend Decoction for +20 max carry weight when looting.
  • To save money on crafting materials, buy dimeritium ore from the armorer at Kaer Trolde in Skellige. He charges the lowest price in the game.
  • If you’re playing Blood and Wine, wait until you travel to Touissant to start looting smuggler’s caches and hidden treasures in Skellige. Sell your swords and armor to smiths in Toussaint, or at the tourney grounds.

Witcher 3 money glitches & strategies

Most money glitches in TW3 have been patched but there are still great ways to make money, glitch or not. If one of the below methods doesn’t work for you, or if you know of another one, share your money-making wisdom in the comments!

Cow hide farming

Who knew setting cows on fire would be the best money exploit in TW3? This used to be an option in White Orchard until CDPR patched it. But this method still works at a farm in northeastern Velen.

Travel to Martin Feuille’s Farmstead to the far east of Novigrad; this is the best cow farming location in Witcher 3. Walk northeast of the main farm to find a large empty pasture (after the one with the sheep). If the cows aren’t there, meditate. Use Igni to kill the cows and loot but don’t kill the cows under the open air barn. Meditate and the cows will respawn. Repeat as many times as needed (usually until your inventory is full).

Each hide fetches about 38-47 crowns from the right merchants. You can also sell cow’s milk and raw meat at the Inn on the Crossroads. You can fetch as much as 20,000 crowns per hour with this cow hide farming strategy.

Best places to sell cow hides:

  • Marquise Serenity at The Passiflora, near St. Gregory’s Bridge (recommended; although the price is lower (38) than some other merchants, she has more money to spend)
  • Kingfisher innkeep or Toussaint innkeeps (pay more per hide (47) but have only ~700 crowns to spend)
  • The Alchemy Inn, Oxenfurt
  • Jonas the Innkeep at Newport Inn, Kaer Trolde Harbor
  • Dupont & Sons art merchant in Beauclair, next to the grandmaster smith

Hanse base farming

Locations of the 3 Hanse bases in Witcher 3.

Another great way to make money is to farm one of the 3 Hanse Bases in Toussaint. We recommend this method if you enjoy combat and want to feel like you’re earning the gold in a more “honest” way.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Travel to a Hanse base and kill and loot all of the bandits except the leader/boss.
  2. Fast travel to a merchant to sell the gear (we recommend selling to the Beauclair blacksmith Lafargue for the best prices).
  3. Fast travel back to the Hanse base; the bandits will be respawned so you can kill and loot them again.

Monster nests

When you destroy and loot a monster nest, leave one common item behind. Then, meditate for 5 days and the loot will respawn. Some players said they only needed to meditate for 2 days, while others said 6 days worked for them.

Note: this glitch only works on monster nests you haven’t cleared yet. Check out the video above for a full explanation.

Money cheats

Console commands

Console commands are the easiest way to get unlimited money in Witcher 3. First, you need to enable the Witcher 3 debug console.

After that:

  1. Open the console (~ key) and input the command addmoney(Amount)
  2. Replace “Amount” with however many Crowns you want.
  3. Profit!

Curious about other console commands in WItcher 3? Here’s complete list of all the commands.


Playing TW3 on PC and want to get rich quick? Check out these quick money mods:

  • Geralt is Rich — Spend all your Crowns to immediately get 50,000 more.
  • Set Crowns Multiplier — 10x your quest and Witcher contract rewards.
  • Real Economy — A robust mod that lets you sell unsellable items (quest items, potions, etc.)

High-value items to sell in The Witcher 3

No merchants in the game buy items for full price, but some pay more than others. Let’s take a look at some of the highest-value items in the game and where to sell them.


Like cow hides, pearl farming was once a profitable money exploit in TW3. Unfortunately, CDPR caught onto that one too. But pearls are still valuable, selling for 100+ Crowns each. Head to the Fish Market in Novigrad to find a merchant who sells seashells (by the seashore).


This money-making tip is best for broke players looking to make some cash early in the game. Over 25 beehives in White Orchard contain 2-4 honeycomb each. Use Igni to burn them and loot the honeycomb. Beware: the bees will retaliate! They’re also a worthy opponent to low-level witchers.

Read the notice board in White Orchard to learn that Tomira, the local herbalist, is looking to buy honeycomb. She’ll purchase each one for 18 Crowns — a much better price than the average 2 to 7 Crowns.

Extra alchemy ingredients

Once you’ve crafted all your bombs, potions, and decoctions, sell your leftover ingredients. Keep between 10 and 20 of each item just in case.

If you have a lot of items to sell, you’ll need to do some traveling or meditating, since most herbalists and alchemists only have between 500 and 1,000 Crowns at a time.

Best places to sell alchemy ingredients:

  • The herbalist in Kaer Trolde Harbor 
  • The alchemist east of the Oxenfurt Gate signpost in Novigrad
  • The herbalist northeast of Oxenfurt at The Herbalist’s Hut

Best ingredients to sell:

  • Monster hides
  • Crystallized essence
  • Devourer’s blood

This isn’t a complete list — sort by price when selling for the best results.

Common, master, and magic weapons and armor

Quick money hack: sell every Novigrad longsword and blunt ax you find. While high-level relic items are lucrative, you may want to dismantle them for rare crafting materials instead.

Best places to sell weapons and armor:

  • Armorer and blacksmith at Kaer Trolde
  • Grandmaster armorer in Toussaint
  • Armorers and blacksmiths in Novigrad and Oxenfurt


Dismantle jewelry to get gems, which you can sell for a decent price at most general merchants.

Tip: Keep flawless gems and dismantle jewelry containing green gold. You’ll need these rare, expensive materials to craft some Witcher gear items.

Glyphs and runestones

Greater glyphs and runestones fetch well over 1,000 Crowns each. Even basic runestones go for up to 900 Crowns. Visit Yoanna in Crow’s Perch to upgrade your runes for cheap. Then, sell them to the armorer in Novigrad’s Hierarch Square for the best price.


You don’t need to keep most books or notes once you’ve read them. Just be sure to hang on to A Miraculous Guide to Gwent. Marcus T.K. Hodgson in Hierarch Square pays the best price for books.


Overencumbered by broken rakes and wooden ladles? Sell them to the merchant wearing red in Hierarch Square. You’ll find him by Marcus T.K. Hodgson’s bookstore.

The Witcher 3 money-making guide: wrapping up

Whether you want to get rich through honest work, or use glitches, mods, or cheats, we’ve covered some of the best ways and tips for making money in Witcher 3.

Some players might dislike stealing from peasants or using console commands. Fortunately for them, there are plenty of honest ways to make crowns quickly. 

Now all that’s left to do is head down to the Passiflora brothel and make it rain! Or if you’re a more pragmatic Witcher, why not spend the money on crafting Witcher school weapons, runes, or enchantments?

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  1. The best location to earn much money is from a Hanse base. You could kill all the enemies there except the boss, then travel somewhere place then back to the base again to respawn them.

  2. Art merchant right next to the grandmaster smith in Beauclair has about 6500 coin. This is a much better location to sell cow hides or similar.


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