How to Start New Game + Playthrough

Here’s a quick rundown on how to start your New Game Plus playthrough:

  1. Download and install the NG+ DLC through your method of choice (depends on whether you’re using Steam, GOG, or manual install) – this will update you to the 1.08.2 Patch.
  2. Finish the main quest line (this is when you are moved to Kaer Morhen fortress with the story finished and all the characters are gone) or load up a save that takes place after you’ve finished the game. You should get the following message: newgameplusunlocked
  3. Click ok and save your current game session.
  4. Quit to Main Menu and click new game. Choose your desired options (difficulty, tutorials, etc) – when the “New Game +” window comes up, choose “On”. You will then need to choose the save you just made to start New Game +startnewgameplus
  5. That’s it, enjoy!


P.S. To differentiate between game saves made in normal and New Game + modes, look for the + sign next to the save screenshot.

The + sign indicates a New Game Plus save.
The + sign indicates a New Game Plus save.

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