Important NPC Locations

On this page, you can find map locations for important NPCs in Witcher 3, including the Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine expansions. These guys will make your life a lot easier to it’s helpful to know where they are.

Trophy Turn-in Merchant

This alchemist, located just outside the Oxenfurt Gate of Novigrad, is the only NPC that will buy your monster trophies for decent prices. For example, you can sell an Ekimmara trophy for 500 gold. If you don’t see him, it may because it’s too late in the day, so meditate until it’s day time.


Master Armorer

The master Armorer – Yoana – can be found inside Crow’s Perch in central Velen.


Master Blacksmith

The Master Blacksmith – Hattori – can be found in southern Novigrad.


Potion of Clearance (Respecs Skill Points) Merchant

The potion of clearance resets all of your skill points when you use it, allowing you to re-specialize your points however you want. There are several merchants that will sell it to you, but the simplest choice is the herbalist in Novigrad, near the St. Gregory’s Bridge travel post.

You can also buy the clearance potion from Keira Metz while she is still in her hut in Velen (before you continue her questline), and from Gremist in Skellige (after you finish his questline).

If you’re lucky, you may also be able to buy them from a merchant close to Gremist, although I haven’t been able to get him to show up yet.

Novigrad merchant selling Potion of Clearance
Location of Gremist on Skellige, who also sells the potion.
Keira Metz location (before you continue her questline).

Zerrikanian Saddlebags

Zerrikanian Saddlebags are the best pre-expansion saddlebags in the game and will increase your maximum weight capacity from 60 to 160 which is VERY helpful if you’re always looting everything you see.

You can either purchase them for 900 gold from a merchant in Novigrad’s Putrid Grove or get them for free from a horse race on the main Skellige Island.

Zerrikanian Saddlebags Merchant in Novigrad
Zerrikanian Saddlebags Horserace location on Skellige’s main island.

Triss Merigold’s House in Novigrad

Here’s the location of Triss Merigold’s house in Novigrad.


Grandmaster Smith (Blood and Wine DLC)

This Blood & Wine DLC NPC starts the Scavenger quests for the Grandmaster tier of the Wolf, Griffin, Cat, and Bear witcher sets, as well as the brand new Manticore set, and is also the only smith who can craft them.

In addition, he also sells the best saddlebags in the game – Beauclair saddlebags (+110 inventory weight, 10 more than Zerrikanian).

grandmaster smith location toussaint beauclair
Grandmaster Smith location in Toussaint.

Beauclair Saddlebags Location

You can also obtain the Beauclair saddlebags for free from a chest at this location after helping the Knight Errant.

beauclair saddlebags map location
Beauclair saddlebags map location

If you guys have any other suggestions for important NCPs, please let me know in the comments.