Lots of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Info: World Map and more

I’ve compiled a bunch of recent information that you guys might find interesting as we’re waiting for the last month and a half before game release. First off, here’s an awesome image showing the playable area of Witcher 3:

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt World Map
In The Witcher 3 players will visit many different locations in the Northern Kingdoms: No Man’s Land and Skellige Islands, as well as the bustling streets of Novigrad and its surrounding area. It also looks like players will interact with the Nilfgaard Emperor in Vizima.

Fresh Information:


  • PC players will be able to import their saved game from The Witcher 2. Besides, players on all platforms will be able to (optionally) state their previous choices during a scripted scene in Vizima
  • The game will have an optional “Dark” Difficulty, in which you die permanently
  • The game will have an optional tutorial at the beginning, to introduce new players to the Witcher series.
  • Ciri (Geralt’s apprentice/adopted daugther) will only be playable at certain parts of the game
  • You can continue playing after you finish the main storyline
  • There are three different epilogues, as well as 36 conditions in which the game’s world can end up.
Witcher 3 Wild Hunt on Ultra Settings on the PC
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Screenshot on Ultra Settings on the PC
  • Depending on the difficulty level, the main story is about 50 hours of gameplay, and completing 100% of the game requires about 100-120 hours
  • Some special areas will have loading screens, but the rest of the game is entirely open world; entering houses does not require loading screens, for example
  • Unlike Skyrim, the level of monsters will not be scaled up to the player’s level, so you will have to be careful about venturing to higher level areas
  • There are normal, weaker potions, but also more powerful mutagenic potions (that also have side-effects)
  • Witcher’s weapons can be upgraded. This is done in a form of special quests. First, you need to find a schematic, which often requires killing a monster guarding it. Then, you have to collect the required ingredients. Finally, it is necessary to find the right craftsman. There are craftsmen on 3 levels of skills available: Journeyman, Master and Archmaster. The better the item, the more skilled craftsman is required. Archmasters first have to be “unlocked” by completing special quests.

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