New Game Plus Info Summary

As I posted recently, New Game + is a game feature that allows you to replay a game from the beginning after you beat it, but with higher difficulty and other additions. CDPR has announced that they will be adding “preparatory features” for NG+ in patch 1.08, so in the meantime, here is some stuff … Read more

Witcher 3: 20 Awesome Details (Video)

This is a video I made to show the amazing attention to detail in Witcher 3 with things like quests, beard growth, combat, animations, and more. It’s been surprisingly popular so I figured I’d post it here as well.

1.06 Hotfix Patch Coming Soon

CDPR has just announced they will be releasing a hotfix patch 1.06 to fix some bugs with quests. The list of the fixes includes: – Fixes the endless loading screen when fighting the Ice Giant during the quest ‘Lord of Undvik’ – Geralt’s clothes will no longer be wet after leaving the menu – The gate … Read more