Witcher 3: First Impressions

I made a quick video of my first impressions of the game after playing a couple of hours. To keep things short, I think Witcher 3 lives up to the hype. I haven’t had a chance to do everything there is in this game yet, but so far it looks amazing!

Website Update

Game launch is mere hours away, so I feel it is a good time to give a website update. With the release of Witcher 3 I will be moving away from news-related content, to actually playing and discussing the game itself.  That includes walkthroughs and other content both here and on my youtube channel.  I … Read more

Witcher 3 Caveman Diet

With only about a 24 hours left until game release, I took some time to prepare myself for the days to come. I got the week off from work so I needed to stock up on healthy food that requires little to no preparation time. In years past, I used to have the typical Mountain … Read more

New Witcher 3 Cinematic

With only about 4 days left to release, we’ve got a brand new Cinematic Trailer for Witcher 3, and it’s awesome! No fancy explosions or armies of bad guys, this cinematic is all about good old witching.