Patch 1.03 is now live!

Patch 1.03, which fixes a lot of crashing issues and has tons of improvements, fixes, and etc has officially been released. That’s a lot faster than expected! You can download the patch directly through Steam, or through (if that’s where you purchased your game).

Major Witcher 3 Patch Announced

Cd Project Red has announced a major patch slated for release in the next week. The patch will focus on addressing PC-centric issues with graphics, crashes, settings, and other problems. The patch will reportedly contain over 600 changes. Click here for full story.

Website Update

Like hopefully all of you guys, I’m currently playing tons of Witcher 3. I’ve made a lot of videos on my youtube channel already and I’ll be continuing to update the website with all kinds of info, like Place of Power locations, boss fight guides, and etc. in the coming weeks. Have fun witching!

Witcher 3: First Impressions

I made a quick video of my first impressions of the game after playing a couple of hours. To keep things short, I think Witcher 3 lives up to the hype. I haven’t had a chance to do everything there is in this game yet, but so far it looks amazing!

Website Update

Game launch is mere hours away, so I feel it is a good time to give a website update. With the release of Witcher 3 I will be moving away from news-related content, to actually playing and discussing the game itself.  That includes walkthroughs and other content both here and on my youtube channel.  I … Read more