One Month to Witcher 3 Release

Hey everyone, We’re getting close to game release with just about 30 days left until May 19th. There hasn’t been that much new info released so I went ahead and put up a Skills page from whatever info I could find. I’m sure there will be a lot of important stuff announced in the coming … Read more

Witcher 3 Expansions Revealed

While The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has not even been released yet, CD Projekt Red has already revealed that they will be releasing 2 expansion packs. The first, titled “Hearts of Stone“, will feature 10 hours of gameplay where Geralt will take on a contract from a character known only as the “Man of Glass”. … Read more

Witcher 3 Looks Amazing on the PC

A couple game review sites recently got their hands on Witcher 3 on the PC… and the news are good! They were able to play the game on 1080p with Ultra settings and achieve the fabled 60 FPS. To be fair, this did require a fairly top-end system with an Intel i7-4790 CPU and a … Read more