The Witcher: Blood Origin Prequel Explained

the witcher: blood origin explained

The Witcher novels spawned the stellar games that put the franchise in the global spotlight. The games, in turn, inspired the Netflix show, which introduced the franchise to non-gamers. And the show’s success is generating other storylines to further expand the lore and universe of The Witcher. The new storyline in question is the spinoff, … Read more

Witcher Lore: Eskel

eskel witcher lore

Geralt’s social circle is not limited to monsters, sorceresses, and a time-and-space-bending princess. Back at Kaer Morhen, he also has friends who share his monster-slaying craft. Among these, some are considered to be brothers, as is the case with the Witcher Eskel.  In this Witcher Lore article, we’ll cover Eskel and his portrayal in the … Read more

12 Best Witcher Merch, Gifts, and Collectibles

best witcher merch

Maybe you’ve played the games, read the books, and seen the second season of the Witcher Netflix show. And yet, your Witcher cravings still aren’t satiated.  You would like something tangible to remind you of the fascinating setting and characters of this timeless saga. Sounds like you’re just about ready to step into the world … Read more