The Best Weapons in Witcher 3: Aerondight, Iris & More

The best weapons in Witcher 3 are relic swords that were added in the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions, like Aerondight. Although the Witcher gear weapons are also great, they’re only really considered “best” if you want the 6-piece Witcher set bonuses or specific stats.

Read on for our comprehensive list of the best weapons in Witcher 3 and how to obtain them. We’ll also cover the best early-game weapons, runestones, glyphs, and runewords to bolster Geralt’s arsenal further.

Best Swords in Witcher 3

The relic silver and steel swords below are considered the best in the game.

Aerondight (Best Silver Sword)


Aerondight is considered the best silver sword Witcher 3 and the best ‘Blood and Wine’ expansion weapon. It charges up with each successive blow, dealing 10% additional damage. Also, once the sword is fully charged, every hit will be critical. 

Better yet, if you kill an enemy with a full charge, Aerondight’s damage will be permanently increased. These special effects make Aerondight the most powerful weapon in Witcher 3.

To obtain it, you’ll have to complete a long list of side quests in the Blood and Wine expansion that prove that you possess the five chivalric values. However, there is a faster way to prove these virtues by following these instructions. After that, you can obtain the quest “There Can Be Only One”, complete it, and receive the sword.

Iris (Best Special Effect Steel Sword)

witcher 3 iris sword best steel

Olgierd’s Iris saber is the best weapon of the Hearts of Stone expansion and one of the best steel swords in all of Witcher 3, especially for builds that use strong attacks. It doesn’t have the most impressive stats but is valued for its special effects:

  1. Iris hits twice with strong attacks.
  2. Iris charges up after three hits (blocks count, too) and glows red; the next strong attack delivers a powerful strike that goes through blocks and armor and knocks the enemy down similar to Aard. But this also consumes some vitality, so many players choose not to use this second effect.

This legendary saber is given to Geralt by Olgierd himself during the “Whatsoever a Man Soweth…” quest. Many people also like Iris for its unique look, which is unlike most swords in Witcher 3.

Toussaint Knight’s Steel Sword (Best Steel Sword)

witcher 3 toussaint knight's steel sword

Stats and damage-wise, the Toussaint knight’s steel sword is considered the best steel sword in Witcher 3. Most people rate it as better than Iris because of greater damage and stats but it depends.

If you use strong attacks and like special effects, you’ll probably prefer Iris, whereas people who like fast attacks or higher stats will prefer the Toussaint knight’s steel sword.

Note that this sword comes in a magic and relic version. You need to craft the relic version since its stats are much higher. The blueprint for crafting the Toussaint knight’s steel sword is found in the Arthach Palace Ruins, a Hanse Base in northern Toussaint. It’s located near the base’s leader, up a ladder, in a chest on the upper floor of the central ruined tower.

Belhaven Blade (Honorable Mention #1)

The Belhaven Blade is another powerful crafted steel sword added in the Blood and Wine expansion. Although most people see it as slightly inferior to the Toussaint Knight’s sword, it’s still a very good weapon with a great look.

The diagram for the Belhaven blade can be found in the Sansretour River in Eastern Toussaint, in the area where the river divides into two streams. The easiest way to find is to go to the marker in the screenshot below and kill the bandits there. 

You’ll find a journal on a stool; reading it will give you a quest and a location in the nearby river where you’ll find the chest with the diagram.

Hen Gaidth Steel Sword (Honorable Mention #2)

The Hen Gaidth Steel Sword is another contender for the best steel sword in Witcher 3. The best part about this weapon is that it scales to your current level. So the higher your current level, the more damage it will have. 

You’ll get only one chance to get the Hen Gaidth steel sword. During the quest “What Lies Unseen” that takes place towards the end of Blood and Wine expansion, the sword can be found inside the Unseen Elder’s cave, along with other items in the set. It’s best to leave this quest until the last possible moment so you can receive a higher-level version. 

Gesheft (Honorable Mention #3)

Gesheft is a relic weapon in the Blood and Wine expansion. It’s one of the only real contenders to Aerondight as the best silver sword in Witcher 3. It has two variants, one that’s crafted and another that’s found. Both are good, although they have slightly different stats.

For the loot drop, you’ll need to complete a side quest called “Beyond Hill and Dale…” A Will O Wisp will lead you to a cave where you’ll encounter a nitty Dark Souls easter egg and the mighty Gesheft itself. This sword variant adds a flat 20% increase across all signs, which is great for a sign-focused Witcher 3 build.

Meanwhile, the craftable version adds 30% to Aard intensity. The diagram for it is found in northeast Beauclair, past the Dun Tynne Crossroads by the river bank. You’ll find a cave here (see screenshot for the exact location). Explore the cave to the end until you come to a small campfire near a stalagmite. You’ll find a chest here that contains the diagram.

Witcher School Gear Weapons

So far, we’ve discussed the best overall weapons in Witcher 3 by stats, damage, and effects. However, you can also use the steel and silver swords that come with the Witcher school gear sets, which must be crafted and can be upgraded up to four times. 

Generally speaking, these swords will not be as strong as the ones we discussed earlier. But they still have solid stats and damage, and you may prefer to use them in some cases, such as:

  • While you’re leveling
  • When you’re looking to maximize specific stats, such as sign intensity
  • When you want to have the 6-set bonus of your Witcher gear set

In that sense, these weapons can still be considered the best in certain situations.

Ursine Swords

grandmaster ursine bear set

The Ursine steel and silver swords compliment the rest of the Ursine ‘Bear’ school Witcher armor, which is ideal for a tanky build focused on strong attacks. 

If you want to unlock the 6-piece Bear set bonus (damage dealt by Abilities involving the Quen sign is increased by 200%), you’ll have to use these swords. Like all Witcher school gear sets, these weapons must be crafted by using a diagram and can be upgraded four times.

You need to be at least level 20 to equip the basic Ursine swords, and the level requirement will go up for each upgrade level (enhanced, superior, mastercrafted, and grandmaster). To find the diagrams for each upgrade level of the Bear swords, head over to our guide for obtaining all of the Bear Witcher school gear

Wolven Swords

grandmaster wolven gear set

The steel and silver swords from the Wolf Witcher set are also a solid option, particularly for a well-rounded build that includes a little bit of everything. 

You can easily use them for the middle portions of the game before you can unlock the more powerful relic swords we discussed earlier. The basic Wolven steel and silver swords require level 14 and go up with each upgrade level.

Want to know where to find the diagrams for each upgrade level? Head over to our guide for finding all of the Wolven Witcher set gear

Feline Swords

grandmaster feline armor set

The Feline silver and steel swords are great for fast attack builds. They can be considered the “best” weapons for a specific playstyle because they allow you to unlock the 6-piece Cat set bonus: 50% more damage on rear attacks and a stun.

You can equip the base Feline swords at level 17 and upgrade them four times up to Grandmaster. To find the diagrams for each level of these weapons, check our guide to finding all of the Feline Witcher gear diagrams.

Griffin Swords

grandmaster griffit set

The Griffin steel and silver swords are best suited for a sign-oriented build. Again, you can choose to go with these swords if you like their stats or want to unlock the 6-set Griffin gear bonus.

The basic Griffin gear can be equipped at level 11, making it the first full Witcher 3 gear set you can find. We have a full guide on finding all of the diagrams of the Griffin Witcher school gear set.

Manticore Swords

manticore witcher gear set

The Manticore silver and steel swords are a part of the level 40 Witcher School gear that was introduced in the Blood and Wine expansion. 

They provide solid all-around stats and allow you to unlock the 6-set Manticore bonus: gaining an additional charge on all alchemy items. This set comes in a single Grandmaster-level version, so you don’t need to craft separate levels.

The Manticore swords can be crafted exclusively by the Grandmaster Smith in Beauclair. After you talk to the smith, he’ll give you a scavenger hunt quest that will take you across the map to collect all the diagrams and pieces of the set, including the silver and steel swords.

If you want to find the diagrams for these swords, check out our full guide to obtaining all of the Manticore Witcher gear diagrams.

Best Early Game Weapons

Most of the weapons we’ve discussed are the best overall or in the middle or later stages of the game. But what about when you’ve just started playing Witcher 3 and need a solid set of weapons? 

Viper Swords

Viper steel sword

The viper steel and silver swords are the best early game weapons that you can find in Witcher 3 right in White Orchard itself, the first open area that the game drops you in. The Viper swords can be equipped as early as level one.

You’ll need to find their respective diagrams to craft the silver and steel Viper swords. We’ve added screenshots for the diagram locations below and a quick explanation of how to find them. For the silver sword’s blueprint, ride out to the Cemetery north of the Mill signpost in White Orchard. The blueprint will be located inside the building. 

The steel swords blueprint can be found in the Castle Ruins to the west of the Ransacked village signpost.

Once you have blueprints and the required ingredients, head over to the Nilfgaardian Garrison, where you can find an Amateur Blacksmith who can craft the Viper sword set for you. 

Both swords pack a small chance to poison your enemy and increase XP received from human and nonhuman enemies.

Note: A full, higher-level Viper School gear set was added in the Hearts of Stone expansion. This set is separate from this one. We have a dedicated guide for obtaining the Viper School gear set

Best Ranged Weapons

The ranged weapon choices in Witcher 3 are extremely limited as the game’s primary focus is the swordplay. The game has just two ranged weapons: the Feline crossbow and the Ursine crossbow. This is consistent with Witcher lore, where only Witchers from the Cat and Bear school use crossbows.

Ursine Crossbow


The Ursine Crossbow diagram is located in a cave just south of the Old Watchtower of Spikeroog, one of the larger Skellige islands. Inside the cave, kill the drowners that spawn, and you’ll find the diagram next to a skeleton inside the cave.

Feline Crossbow


The diagrams for the Feline crossbow can be found off the western coast of Redania (southwest of Novigrad) on the floating shipwreck. A chest on the lower deck contains the diagram. 

Best Runestones

Runestones are items that can be allotted to the empty slot of weapons and armor to provide specific bonuses.

Runestones can be purchased from merchants, blacksmiths, or simply looted from monster nests and chests. There are ten types of runestones, each with three possible levels: lesser, regular, and greater. 

The question of which of these is the best in Witcher 3 depends mainly on your play style and the specific enemy you’re facing. Having said that, here are some of the best Witcher 3 runestones for you to consider. 

Note: Generally speaking, it’s best to stack the same rune multiple times since that will increase the chance or magnitude of the effect. However, some people prefer using multiple runestones simply for the fun of triggering multiple effects.

  • Triglav: Gives a chance to stun opponents on hit. Pair a bunch of these with the fast attack Whirl, and you can often stunlock your enemies, making them one of the best runes in the game. However, remember that many powerful enemies in the game are immune to stuns.
  • Zoria: Slows down your enemies, which is great when you want more control in a fight. It can be especially helpful against monsters since they can often be quite fast, so you may prefer to use these runes on your silver sword.
  • Dazhbog: Sets your enemies on fire. Since many of the monsters in the game are weak to fire, including particularly powerful ones such as the Katakan, this rune can be an excellent option for your silver sword. 
  • Svarog: Reduces enemies’ armor, giving you a consistent damage boost. This is a great option for increasing your damage.
  • Chernobog: Gives you a flat attack power boost. This is arguably the best option if you’re after a pure damage boost. 
  • Veles: These runestones increase sign intensity, making them the go-to option for players with a sign-focused build.
  • Devena and Morana: Devana gives a chance to cause bleeding, whereas Morana poisons your enemies, which are both types of damage-over-time (DoTs). These two runes work best against tough monsters with high health pools because their damage is percentage-based. As such, it’s better to put them in your silver sword. Human enemies usually don’t survive long enough to make the best use of DoT damage.

Best Glyphs

Like runes, glyphs can be allotted to empty upgrade slots on weapons to upgrade the sign intensity permanently. 

Glyphs can add up to 10% intensity to their respective sign. All glyphs are viable, and the choice depends on your particular build. For example, if you’re using an Ursine witcher gear build, you’ll want to go with Greater Quen, whereas someone using an Igni build will want to use Greater Glyphs of Igni.

Best Weapon Enchantments (Runewords)

Runewords are a new type of weapon upgrades introduced in the Hearts of Stone expansion. When you apply runewords to a weapon, it will destroy all rune slots and prevent new ones from being added.

Having said that, enchantments are generally more effective than runes, so it’s a good trade-off. You can use runes early in the game and switch to runewords later on. Runewords can only be added to weapons with 3 slots; you can also pay a runewright to add them. Here are some of the best runewords in Witcher 3:

  • Severance: If your Witcher 3 build focuses on the Whirl or Rend abilities, this is arguably the best and most popular runeword. Increases the range on Whirl by 1.1 yards and Rend by 1.9 yards. 
  • Preservation: This runeword makes it so the 20% armor bonus you get from workbenches and 20% damage bonus you get from grindstones are permanent. This is one of the best options for a straight-up damage and survivability boost. 
  • Invigoration: The Invigoration runeword turns any Vitality regeneration stats into added damage (up to 50%) on your next attack if your vitality is full. This runeword is best suited for builds that focus on completely avoiding damage and stacking vitality regeneration. 
  • Replenishment: After you cast a Sign, an Adrenaline Point is consumed and your next sword attack is charged with the power of that Sign. This runeword is good for any build that makes heavy use of signs. 

The Best Weapon Suits Your Playstyle

So there we have it: the best weapons in Witcher 3, broken down into steel and silver swords, runes, glyphs, and runewords, and even ranged weapons. As we can see, the “best” weapon is not always clear and obvious and can depend heavily on your playstyle and point in the game. 

The bottom line is that you have many great sword options in Witcher 3 and can always switch around and try different things. We hope you found this guide useful. Be sure to check our guide to the best armor sets in Witcher 3 if you want to combine the weapons we discussed with an equally powerful armor set.

We also have some suggestions for great Witcher 3 skill builds if you want to optimize your character to the fullest.

Witcher 3 Weapon FAQs

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