Witcher 3 Build: The Fabulous Ofieri (Next-Gen Update)

There are many skill build options for Witcher 3, and we’ve already covered the best ones. But sometimes you just want to have fun and not necessarily run the most optimal build.

Maybe you like the look of a specific armor set despite its weak stats, a specific sword, or want to use a skill that’s not as strong as other options (hello, Yrden).

In this post, we’ll cover one such fun yet viable Witcher 3 build: the Fabulous Ofieri. If you want to look stylish and still be able to kill things, this level 38ish build is a solid choice.

Note: this build has been updated for the next-gen patch

The Fabulous Ofieri Build

Recommended level: 38+

  • General: Cat School Techniques
  • Combat: Muscle Memory 3/3 | Resolve 3/3 | Precise Blows 3/3 | Undying 3/3 | Whirl 3/3 | Razor Focus 3/3 | Deadly Precision 2/2 | Crippling Strikes 3/3
  • Signs: Delusion 3/3 | Active Shield 3/3 | Igni Intensity 3/3
  • Mutagens: Greater Red x3, Greater Blue x1
  • Mutation: Bloodbath OR Metamorphosis
  • Ideal Gear: Full Ofieri set, Aerondight

This is a straightforward fast attacks build with a little bit of sign skills sprinkled in. I focused on Igni because that’s my favorite sign, but you can choose to level up other sign skills, like Quen or Yrden.

If you have mutations unlocked, I recommend either Bloodbath or Metamorphosis because they work well with a build focused on fast attacks.

This build is meant to be used as soon as you can wear the Ofieri armor set, which requires level 38. You can use it until you grow bored or decide to get your grandmaster Witcher gear.

Looking good is only half the equation here, as this light armor offers boosts for signs while also being ideal for a light armor fast attacks build. I prefer to slot Greater Glyph of Igni in every socket because that’s my favorite sign but you can go with your glyph of choice.

As for the weapons, we’ll use the Ofieri steel sword alongside your silver sword of choice. Aerondight is of course the best option, as literally the best silver sword in the game, but you can just as easily run any other sword. For example, the Viper Venomous Silver Sword (level 39) is a good alternative.

If you have enchantments available, I’d go with Severance (bigger Whirl range) but you can also opt for Preservation (armor and grindstone bonuses don’t expire) or Invigoration (Vitality regeneration turned into extra damage).

You can also enchant your chestpiece with Eruption (if you chose to boost Igni with your skills and glyphs like me) or the appropriate enchant for the sign you like.

Combat with this build is simple: spam fast attacks, keep up Quen and use Active shield to heal, and pop Igni (or your offensive sign of choice) as needed.

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