Witcher 3 Build: The Fabulous Ofieri

There are many skill build options for Witcher 3, and we’ve already covered the best ones. However, sometimes you just want to have fun and not necesserily run the most optimal build with the best stats.

Maybe you like the look of a specific armor set despite its weak stats, or want to use a skill that’s not as strong as other options (hello, Yrden).

In this post, we’re going to cover one such fun yet viable witcher 3 build: the Fabulous Ofieri. If you want to look stylish and still be able to kill things, this level 38 build is a great choice.

The Fabulous Ofieri Build

Recommended level: 38 / Total skill points needed: ~62

  • General: Cat School Techniques
  • Combat: Muscle memory 5/5 | Precise blows 5/5 | Strength Training 5/5 | Crushing Blows 5/5 | Fleet Footed 5/5 | Rend 5/5 OR Sunder Armor 5/5
  • Signs: Melt Armor 5/5 | Exploding Shield 3/3 | Delusion 3/3 | Magic Trap 3/3 | Puppet 3/3 | Active Shield 3/3 | Igni Intensity 5/5
  • Mutagens: Greater red mutagen x2, Greater blue mutagen x2

This build is meant to be used as soon as you can wear the Ofieri armor set, which requires level 38. Ideally, you’ll be at the end of the Hearts of Stone expansion and can use this build for the Blood and Wine expansion. You can use it until you grow bored or decide to get your grandmaster Witcher gear.

The Armor

Perhaps not the best armor in the game for the min-maxers out there, the Ofieri Armor set has a lot to offer for players who want to use both weapons and signs. And let’s not forget the flashy looks, very much distinguishable from the Witcher School Gear .

Looking good is only half the equation here, as this light armor offers boosts for Quen, Yrden and Axii, while benefiting from the Cat School Techniques for light armor to boost your physical damage.

Since Quen, Yrden and Axii are already boosted by the equipment itself, what remains for a nicely rounded sign build is, of course, Igni. Add Greater Glyph of Igni in as many of the available slots as you can (9 in total on the armor, 6 after you enchant the chest piece) and it will provide some serious firepower. 

Fill in the rest with Quen, Yrden or Axii glyphs, if you are so inclined.

Geralt looking slick in his Ofieri set.

The Weapons

For the final flourish, you will need a beautiful Ofieri weapon as well — Iris — the sword that is only received after a certain choice regarding Gaunter O’Dimm is made at the end of Hearts of Stone (which is about the time when you are level 38 and ready for the build). 

Iris will do double damage for any type of strong attack (Rend, Sunder Armor), and when it is fully charged it will glow red for a special heavy attack. 

For your Silver Sword, we are going to go with one more choice from the final Hearts of Stone mission which can also be easily missed — Viper Venomous Silver Sword. Its 10% critical hit chance and 75% critical hit damage will go nicely with our skills.

This sword does require you to be level 39, so you might want to consider drinking Wolven Hour potion if you are impatient.


Since the enchantments will be available in the game at the same time as this set, you should definitely seize the opportunity to use them. In our Ofieri build, this means enchanting the swords and the chest piece. 

Sword Enchantments

  • Preservation for Viper Venomous Silver Sword: because this enchantment will work on your entire equipment. It allows you to keep your  armourer’s table and grindstone bonuses for as long as the weapon is equipped.
  • Severance for Iris, it will add range to using the heavy attack, for which you have the bonus already.

Chest Armor Enchantments 

  • Eruption or Ignition: If you want to keep boosting your Igni, you will love to see the enemies explode and ignite nearby foes.
  • Protection: If you would like to have Quen cast automatically at the start of the combat, without using Stamina. 
  • Usurpation: When an enemy affected by Axii dies, the effect transfers to the next target.
  • Possession: Same as Usurpation, but the duration increases for 2 seconds for each blow that the affected enemy lands.
  • Entanglement: For Yrden lovers, if an enemy hits an Yrden trap, an Yrden glyph is automatically placed in that spot.

To Grandmaster Or Not to Grandmaster

This build should keep you going until you are able to upgrade Witcher Gear to Grandmaster where the bonuses and stats might be enticing enough to make you want to switch. Until then, the Fabulous Ofieri Build should keep you well-rounded, armed with gorgeous swords and looking the part on your way to the land of Blood and Wine.

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