How to get the Griffin School Gear In witcher 3

The Griffin Witcher gear is a medium armor set that’s ideal for a signs-heavy build. Like other Witcher School sets, you need to craft the armor and weapons for every level (basic, enhanced, superior, mastercrafted, and grandmaster) of the set by using diagrams.

Here’s a detailed walkthrough to finding every Griffin gear diagram. We’ve included map locations for the Griffin armor, boots, gauntlets, trousers, silver sword, and steel sword diagrams.

Follow along from the beginning if you want the whole gear set or look for the specific Griffin armor or sword diagram location you’re after.

Note: if you’re having trouble finding the chest with the diagrams, look for a Wolf Head symbol; this will give you a general area to search.

This symbol can be found at every Witcher gear diagram location; examining it will give you a highlighted area to look for the chest on your map.

Normal Griffin Gear

Griffin Armor Location

Fast Travel to the village of Downwarren in east Velen, and then explore the second question mark location to the west.

Location of the 4 Griffin Armor diagrams.

The question mark will reveal a cave, inside of which you can find the 4 Griffin armor diagrams – armor, boots, gauntlets, and trousers. You can either fight into the cave to get these diagrams or reveal the secret back entrance that is being hidden by an illusion.

Location of the hidden back entrance into the same cave that is on the 2nd question mark. You need the Eye of Nehelani to reveal the illusion at this location and enter the cave.

After this, read the notes you looted along with the diagrams, and you will get 2 new locations highlighted on your map, where you can pick up the steel and silver Griffin sword diagrams.

Griffin Silver Sword Location

At the Silver Sword location, you can avoid fighting the flying monster by jumping across the ledge and climbing up onto the ruined tower once you’re out of combat.

Location of the Griffin Silver Sword Diagram

Griffin Steel Sword Location

Location of the Griffin Steel Sword Diagram

Video Walkthrough:

Enhanced Griffin Gear

Enhanced Griffin Boots & Trousers Location

The boots diagram is to the south-west of Novigrad, and directly west of the Border Post. They are guarded by a level 18 Forktail.


The trousers are behind some rubble at a burned building to the east of Crow’s Perch.


Enhanced Griffin Steel Sword Location

Go to the western edge of Central Velen, into a pirate base.


Enhanced Griffin Gauntlets & Silver Sword Location

The Griffin enhanced silver sword diagram is inside a cave in far south-eastern Velen. Gauntlets are near the village of Frischlow; you will need to break the rocks blocking the cave entrance to get them (also guarded by a level 18 Nightwraith).

The cave with the gauntlets diagram is blocked by rocks; use Aard to clear the way.

Enhanced Griffin Armor Location

You’ll find this diagram to the west of Oxenfurt, among boat rubble.


Superior Griffin Gear

Superior Griffin Armor Location

You’ll find the four superior Griffin armor diagrams at the north-eastern end of Ard Skellig, in a pirate base near the “Giant’s Toes” travel post. The chest is all the way at the back of the camp, guarded by three level 24 bandits.


Superior Griffin Silver Sword Location

At the southern edge of Ard Skellig, at the end of the cave.


Superior Griffin Steel Sword Location

On An Skellig, the northernmost island in the Skellige Isles. The chest is behind a large rock slab, guarded by 3 level 24 bandits.


Mastercrafted Griffin Gear

Mastercrafted Griffin Armor Location

All four armor diagrams are in a chest next to the place of power at the center-east edge of Ard Skellig. You have to run inside the ruins past the cyclops and climb up the rock steps to get up there.


Mastercrafted Griffin Silver & Steel Sword Location

The steel sword diagram is next to the abandoned village of Boxholm, inside the lair of Morvudd the Fiend in Ard Skellig.

The Silver sword diagram is at the abandoned tower on the lake, guarded by a level 32 Werewolf. The chest is inside the tower; if you’re careful, you can run in there and wait until the Werewolf loses aggro and loot the chest without fighting.

The mastercrafted griffin steel sword location, just above Morvudd’s lair
Mastercrafted silver griffin sword location, inside the tower by the lake.

Grandmaster Griffin Gear

To upgrade your Griffin Gear to grandmaster, simply talk to the Grandmaster Smith Lazare Lafargue in southern Beauclair to start the scavenger hunt quest (Blood and Wine expansion required). Here’s a detailed walkthrough to unlocking Witcher Grandmaster griffin armor.

grandmaster smith location toussaint beauclair
Grandmaster Smith location in Toussaint.

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