How to get Grandmaster Wolven Gear

In this quick guide, we’ll cover how to get the diagrams for the Grandmaster Wolven gear in Witcher 3.

This medium armor set is great for an all-around versatile build and is one of the best-looking sets in the game. You’ll need to obtain the six armor and weapon diagrams and use them to upgrade your mastercrafted Wolven set to grandmaster.

To find these diagrams, you can either travel to Beauclair and speak with the Grandmaster armorer Lazare Lafargue to start the Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Wolven gear quest or go straight to the diagram locations we’ve added below.

grandmaster smith location toussaint beauclair
Grandmaster Smith location in Toussaint

Grandmaster Wolven Gear Location (All Diagrams)

All six of the Wolven grandmaster armor and weapon diagrams are found in a single location to the north of the Termes Palace Ruins in southern Toussaint.

Start off by looting and reading the journal found at the archaeological campsite just to the east of the travel signpost.

grandmaster wolven gear quest

The journal will lead you to the ruins to the north. Here, you’ll need to loot the Purple Ruby from a nearby corpse and use it to activate the portal.

grandmaster wolven gear quest ruby portal

After fighting the monsters, look for the weak wall to break with Aard.

grandmaster wolven gear quest aard

You’ll then find another weak wall that leads into a chamber that contains all six diagrams of the Grandmaster wolf set; 3 on the left side, and 3 on the right.

You can now travel back to the smith to craft the set; he also sells many of the required materials.

Grandmaster Wolven Gear Crafting Materials

Here are all of the materials you need to craft the Grandmaster Wolven gear pieces.

Set pieceCrafting Materials
Grandmaster Wolven Silver SwordMastercrafted Wolven Silver Sword x1
Leather Scraps x2
Enriched Dimeritium Ingot x2
Ruby x1
Powdered Monster Tissue x1
Grandmaster Wolven Steel SwordMastercrafted Wolven Steel Sword x1
Leather Scraps x2
Enriched Dimeritium Ingot x2
Ruby x1
Monster Essence x1
Grandmaster Wolven ArmorMastercrafted Wolven Armor x1
Infused Slyzard Hide x2
Enriched Dimeritium Plate x2
Monster Heart x1
Monster Stomach x1
Grandmaster Wolven TrousersMastercrafted Wolven Trousers x1
Infused Slyzard Hide x1
Enriched Dimerituim Plate x1
Monster Blood x2
Monster Heart x2
Grandmaster Wolven BootsMastercrafted Wolven Boots x1
Infused Slyzard Hide x1
Enriched Dimerituim Plate x1
Monster Blood x4
Monster Heart x2
Grandmaster Wolven GauntletsMastercrafted Wolven Gauntlets x1
Infused Slyzard Hide x1
Enriched Dimeritium Ingot x1
Powdered Monster Tissue x2
Monster Heart x1

Grandmaster Wolven Gear Stats & Set Bonus

The Wolf Witcher School set provides a bit of everything, including sign intensity, attack power, and adrenaline point gain. That’s why it works decently with many different builds, although with the changed set bonuses, it’s best for bleed-focused builds.

Its two set bonuses (updated in the next-gen 4.0 patch) are:

  • (3/6) Each instance of bleeding applied increases sword damage by 1% for every set piece
  • (6/6) Each adrenaline point increases the possible number of bleeds effects applied to a single enemy.

Here is a look at the stats of each grandmaster Wolven gear piece.

Interested in crafting the other Grandmaster Witcher gear sets? Check out our guides for the Feline, Griffin, and Ursine grandmaster sets, as well as the Manticore School gear set.

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