How to get Grandmaster Ursine Gear

This guide will help you find all of the grandmaster Ursine gear diagrams in Witcher 3.

The Ursine witcher set is ideal for a tanky build with heavy armor and strong attacks. To upgrade your Ursine gear to grandmaster, you need the full mastercrafted set and the six grandmaster armor and weapon diagrams.

To find these diagrams, either speak with the Grandmaster armorer Lazare Lafargue in Beauclair to start the Scavenger Hunt quest for the Grandmaster Ursine Gear or check out the diagram locations we’ve added below.

grandmaster smith location toussaint beauclair
Grandmaster Smith location in Toussaint

Grandmaster Ursine Silver Sword, Armor & Gauntlets Location

The first set of diagrams is located just to the northeast of Flovive, a small settlement in central Toussaint, north of Toussaint Prison. Here, look for a red house that looks like it’s collapsing to the side.

At the back of the house, you’ll find a bunch of rubble that’s blocking an entrance into an underground passageway. Break it with the Aard sign.

grandmaster ursine gear quest

At the end of the tunnel, you’ll find the diagrams for the Grandmaster Ursine silver sword, armor, and gauntlets. Read the journal to get the next quest location.

Grandmaster Ursine Trousers, Boots, and Steel Sword Location

The next location is a cave to the northwest of Flovive. There are actually two nearby caves, and you want to drop into the one that’s right next to the water and has a stream flowing through it.

Break the weak wall in the cave with Aard and loot the next note to get a quest update (optional).

grandmaster ursine gear quest

Continue on into the cave and follow the symbols on the walls to lead you to the Bear school witcher’s corpse, which holds the last three grandmaster Ursine diagrams for the trousers, steel sword, and boots.

grandmaster ursine gear quest

You can now travel back to the grandmaster armorer in Beauclair to craft your Grandmaster Ursine gear set. Make sure that you have all the mastercrafted Ursine pieces – you’ll need them to craft the Grandmaster gear.

Grandmaster Ursine Gear Crafting Materials

Here are all of the materials you need to craft the Grandmaster Ursine gear pieces.

Set pieceCrafting Materials
Grandmaster Ursine Silver SwordMastercrafted Ursine Silver Sword x1
Leather Scraps x2
Enriched Dimeritium Ingot x2
Monster Saliva x1
Monster Tongue x1
Grandmaster Ursine Steel SwordMastercrafted Ursine Steel Sword x1
Leather Scraps x2
Enriched Dimeritium Ingot x2
Monster Blood x1
Monster Brain x1
Grandmaster Ursine ArmorMastercrafted Ursine Armor x1
Infused Slyzard Hide x2
Enriched Dimeritium Plate x2
Monster Essence x1
Monster Heart x1
Grandmaster Ursine TrousersMastercrafted Ursine Trousers x1
Infused Slyzard Hide x1
Enriched Dimeritium Plate x1
Monster Essence x2
Monster Hair x2
Grandmaster Ursine BootsMastercrafted Ursine Boots x1
Infused Slyzard Hide x1
Enriched Dimeritium Plate x1
Monster Saliva x3
Monster Toothx3
Grandmaster Ursine GauntletsMastercrafted Ursine Gauntlets x1
Infused Slyzard Hide x1
Enriched Dimeritium Ingot x1
Monster Claw x2
Powdered Monster Tissue x1

Grandmaster Ursine Gear Stats and Set Bonus

The Ursine set provides strong defenses and bonuses to adrenaline point gain, critical hit chance, and critical hit damage. This set works great with tanky builds that use strong attacks.

It comes with two set bonuses:

  • (3/6) Up to 30% chance to cast a new Quen shield with no cost when your old one breaks
  • (6/6) Increase damage dealt by abilities linked to Quen by 200%

Here are the full stats of the six grandmaster Ursine gear pieces.

Want to craft the other Grandmaster Witcher gear sets? We have guides for the Feline, Griffin, and Wolven grandmaster sets, as well as the Manticore School gear set.

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  1. Hi, I have a question.. I have already crafted my mastercrafted Ursine Armor from Hattori, now I would like to upgrade the armor to unlock the abilities of using full armor set but it seems there is no way to upgrade but rather crafted from scratch in Touissant. is there a way to just upgrade the armor?

    • To upgrade it, you need to get the grandmaster diagrams like the article describes. Then you can use the diagrams plus your mastercrafted armor to craft the grandmaster version.

  2. Thank you Nathonas for your reply, I’ve got the Diagram. Just missing some crafting components. I will chase them up👍


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