Best Armor — Witcher School Gear Guide

The 4 Witcher School Gear Sets – Bear, Cat, Griffin, and Wolf – are currently the best available armor in the game when upgraded to their final mastercraft (or grandmaster if you have the Blood and Wine expansion) version.

In addition, you can also find two exclusive expansions sets – Viper in Hearts of Stone, and Manticore in Blood and Wine.

Each of these sets consists of 6 to 7 pieces – 4 armor,  2 swords (one silver and one steel), and sometimes a crossbow. Although the weapons are not the best in the game (there are several, higher-level relic weapons) they are still worth getting to maximize the set bonuses.

Each set except Viper and Manticore has 4 upgrade levels:

  • Level 1 -Enhanced
  • Level 2 – Superior
  • Level 3 – Mastercrafted
  • Level 4 – Grandmaster (requires Blood and Wine expansion)

In order to obtain these sets, you need to find the diagrams for each crafting level, and then get them crafted at an armorer/blacksmith.

The easiest way to find the diagrams is to purchase maps from various armorers/blacksmiths – when you use these maps from your inventory, they will start a “Scavenger Hunt: School Gear” quest for the given Witcher set (or its upgrade), and show you a location on the map where you can obtain the diagrams.

You do not NEED to purchase the maps, but it does make finding the diagrams easier, especially if you don’t want to follow a guide and do it on your own.

If you want to find the diagrams on your own by using the vendor maps, head over to the map vendor locations page.

If you’re looking for detailed guides with diagram locations for each set, check out the walkthroughs for the Bear, Cat, Griffin, Wolf, Viper, and Manticore Gear.

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt School Gear Set Maps
You can purchase maps from specific blacksmiths/armorers that will start a quest to find the given level of a witcher school gear set. The number of the map refers to the tier of the diagrams you will find (1 to 4).