Try This Fun Witcher 3 Cat Eyes Crossbow Build

witcher 3 crossbow build

Crossbows seem like an afterthought in Witcher 3. Aside from grounding the Griffin at the start of the game and occasionally one-shotting drowners underwater, I don’t remember using it often. But there is a viable crossbow build in Witcher 3, courtesy of Demonphoenix. While you’ll need to complement it with signs and sword attacks, the … Read more

Witcher 3 Early Game Guide: Best Gear, Builds & More

witcher 3 early game guide

Witcher 3 is a fantastic game, but it doesn’t hold your hand. That’s especially true in the early game.  Whether you’re a completely new player looking for essential tips or a veteran looking to optimize their playthrough after the next-gen update, our early game Witcher 3 guide will help.  We’ll cover general early-game tips, the … Read more