How to get Manticore Witcher 3 Gear: Complete Guide

The manticore witcher school armor is a medium armor set is themed around alchemy. Unlike the four main Witcher school gear sets (wolf, bear, cat, and griffin), it’s only available in one level 40 grandmaster tier.

Considering the strength of alchemy/Euphoria builds,  Manticore is one of the best options for your end game armor. To craft this set, you’ll need to find the six armor and weapon diagrams first. That’s exactly what we’ll help you do in this quick Witcher 3 guide.

To find the diagrams, you can either travel to Beauclair and speak with the Grandmaster armorer Lazare Lafargue to start the Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Manticore gear quest or head straight for the diagram locations we’ve added below.

grandmaster smith location toussaint beauclair
Grandmaster smith location in Toussaint

Manticore Steel Sword Location

Travel to the first location at the ruins of Bastoy prison, found to the northwest of Beauclair Palace. You will find the Manticore steel sword diagram inside the ruined tower. You’ll have to jump to reach the railing here.

manticore steel sword location

Manticore Armor Location

Next, travel to Gelenser Farm in eastern Toussaint and go to the highlighted cave to the southeast. Inside the cave, read through the red notes on the walls until you find Merten’s Prayer and read it: this will both give you the Manticore armor diagram, and also point to the next location.

manticore chest armor diagram location
Manticore Chest Diagram

Manticore Boots and Trousers Location

Next, travel to the Prophet Lebioda Statue in Northwest Toussaint. Walk inside the abandoned temple to the Prophet Lebioda.

Inside, use Aard to break the weak wall at the back, and defeat the spirit. You’ll then find the Manticore boots & trousers diagrams in a small red box along with a note leading to the next diagram.

manticore boots trousers diagrams location
Manticore Boots and Trousers Diagrams

Manticore Silver Sword Location

The next location is an underwater cave found to the south of the Beauclair Palace Gardens. If you get lost,  just look for the jumpable ledges to progress further inside. After completing the trials, you’ll find the Manticore silver sword diagram behind the ghost at the end of the cave. Read the notes that came with it to unlock the final Manticore diagram location.

Manticore silver sword diagram location
Manticore Silver Sword Diagram

Manticore Gauntlets Location

Finally you’ll travel to the far-way Lake of Cleansing located in northeast Toussaint, near the Basane Farm. Dive to the bottom of the lake to find the Manticore gauntlets diagram.

Manticore gauntlets diagram location

Now you can go back to the Beauclair grandmaster smith and craft your shiny new Manticore armor & swords set. Although if we’re being honest it looks a little plain, especially compared to the Grandmaster stuff.

Manticore Gear Crafting Materials

Here are all of the materials you need to craft the Manticore gear pieces. Keep in mind you don’t need any previous tiers to craft this set since it comes in only one, level 40 version.

Set pieceCrafting Materials
Manticore Silver SwordLeather scraps x2
Dimeritium ingot x2
Monster brain x1
Ruby x1
Manticore Steel SwordLeather scraps x2
Dimeritium ingot x2
Ruby dust x1
Monster saliva x1
Manticore ArmorCured Draconid Leather x1
Dimeritium Plate x2
Monster Ear x2
Monster Eye x2
Manticore TrousersCured Draconid Leather x1
Dimeritium Ingot x1
Monster Claw x1
Monster Blood x2
Manticore BootsCured Draconid Leather x1
Dimeritium Plate x1
Monster Claw x4
Monster Blood x2
Manticore GauntletsCured Draconid Leather x1
Meteorite Silver Plate x1
Monster Hair x1
Monster Blood x1

Manticore Gear Stats & Set Bonus

The Manticore School gear provides two unique stats not found on other witcher school gear: armor piercing and increased maximum toxicity. The toxicity bonus works especially great with alchemy-themed builds like Euphoria and Metamorphosis, which are currently the strongest skill builds in Witcher 3.

Even if you don’t opt for an alchemy build, raising your maximum toxicity is still valuable because it allows you to use more potions and decoctions, which are quite powerful.

The Manticore set bonuses are:

  • (3/6) Critical hit chance and damage applying to bombs
  • (6/6) Increasing the max charges of each alchemy item by 1.

Here are the stats of the six Manticore armor pieces and swords.

witcher manticore set stats attributes
Manticore gear set Stats

Want to craft the Grandmaster Witcher gear sets? We’ve got separate guides for the Ursine, Griffin, Feline, and Wolven grandmaster sets.

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