CDPR to Release A Free Witcher 3 Mod Editor In 2024

Some awesome news for Witcher 3 fans: the developer announced on Twitter that it’s working on a free mod editor for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This will allow mod creators to edit and make entirely new content, including quests, items, and much more. 

While Witcher 3 mods have already been a thing for years, they’ve been quite limited because of the lack of a proper mod editor. That’s why this is huge news.

The editor is set to release for free in 2024, nine years after the game came out. While it would’ve been awesome to have this much sooner, I’m excited to see what kind of awesome mods people can come up with. Perhaps someone will be able to create mods as ambitious as Skyrim’s Enderal, which literally created a brand-new, highly popular game.

Given the longevity of Witcher 3, we can expect the mod editor to help revitalize the game and keep it going for many more years. One important note, though: the editor will only work for PC, so there’s no console support.

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