A Complete Guide to The Witcher 3 Romance Options


There’s only one thing Geralt loves more than Gwent: a night of passion with a fiery sorceress. But magic-wielding women aren’t the only Witcher 3 romance options available to players. Brothels and minor characters provide some interesting alternatives to Triss and Yennefer. Speaking of Geralt’s main love interests, you won’t suffer any game-changing romance consequences … Read more

How to get Grandmaster Wolven Gear

grandmaster wolven gear set

While mastercrafted witcher gear was the best available armor in the game for over a year, the Blood & Wine expansion gives you the ability to upgrade your sets to Grandmaster (level 40). The Wolf set is great for an all-around build and is arguably the best looking armor in the game. The Grandmaster Wolf set provides two bonuses

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