New Game Plus Info Summary

As I posted recently, New Game + is a game feature that allows you to replay a game from the beginning after you beat it, but with higher difficulty and other additions. CDPR has announced that they will be adding “preparatory features” for NG+ in patch 1.08, so in the meantime, here is some stuff we know about NG+:

  • If you are below level 30 when you finish the game, NG+ will automatically level you up to 30
  • Most of your items will carry over to NG+, except quest items, Gwent cards, and food/drink
  • Free Clearance potion in NG+ so you can try out a different build
  • You get to keep the alchemy potions you learned
  • Enemies will *obviously* do more damage and have more health
  • Maps and Bestiary Info will reset
  • You will lose all of your learned Diagrams! I would suggest crafting useful gear before you start NG+
  • New Gear/weapons (or at least upgarded versions of older gear) in NG+
  • NG+ will also have the 4 difficulty settings just like the normal game
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