Witcher 3 for Consoles released early; PC release updated to May 18th

News are coming out around the world that some stores are doing what is called “breaking the street date” – selling a game before its official release date. In this case, there are reports of gaming retailers in Germany, Netherlands, the Middle East, and even New York City selling Witcher 3 early. Keep in mind though, this is only for Witcher 3 on consoles – PC players still have to wait until the official release date.

Also as far as we know, CD Projekt Red is not very happy about this. It will be interesting to see if they do anything about it, or maybe even release the game over the weekend, since so many people are already playing and streaming the game.

For the second bit of news, the official game release time has been updated to 7 pm EST May 18th – that’s 4pm in PST and midnight for CET (Central European time).

As a PC player myself, I’m patiently waiting for the official release. It kind of sucks that so many people are already playing, but thankfully I have the entire next week off from work!

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