Exciting News: Huge Witcher 3 Mod Set in Ofir in the Works

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is already jam-packed with content, but players can raise the quality of this title to new heights with mods.

Now, fans of the acclaimed RPG have something new to look forward to with the upcoming Revenge of Ofir mod. This mod is so ambitious that it’s being marketed as a whole new expansion pack. It’s currently under development with a growing team. 

This news comes with great timing as CDPR just released a beta version of their official Witcher 3 modding tools, making mods such as these much easier to create. The mod creators mention that they have now switched their development to the official REDKIT tools. 

They’re seeking more people to join their team to help with quest direction, cutscene creation, 3D design, and more. 

Mod Storyline

Set after the conclusion of the Blood and Wine expansion, Revenge of Ofir thrusts Geralt into the war-torn land of Ofir. 

The history Geralt already shares with the Ofiri after the events of Hearts of Stone makes this mod’s premise even more compelling. Fans of this DLC will remember the tough fight against the Toad Prince, a contract set up by Olgierd himself who didn’t give Geralt the full details.

After a battle in the Oxenfurt Sewers, Geralt lands a mortal blow only to be knocked out as the monster transforms back into its human form before perishing. It turns out that Geralt was actually responsible for killing an Ofiri prince, and he would’ve been executed in Ofir had it not been for Gaunter O’Dimm’s timely intervention. 

This storyline will be continued with the mod, presumably with Geralt struggling to survive and being “involved in palace intrigues.”

The Ofier mage and soldiers you have to fight during the Hearts of Stone.

Ofir: A Quick Intro

Ofir, or Ofier is a kingdom that lies south of Nilfgaard. It’s described as lying “beyond the high seas,” suggesting that it lies across a sea beyond the southern tip of the Continent. 

The empire is a melting pot of cultures, with its inhabitants displaying remarkable tolerance towards each other and outsiders alike… especially when compared to the immense intolerance shown by the people of the North, something that players have experienced firsthand as Geralt.

All in all, Revenge of Ofir promises to be a must-play for Witcher enthusiasts seeking new adventures in the world of The Witcher, especially since this is one particular realm that players have barely seen. 

It would be amazing to play in a desert-themed area and a completely different culture from the cold Northern realms we’re used to.

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