Witcher 3 Modding Editor Beta is Finally Available on Steam!

Great news for all Witcher 3 PC fans: the long-awaited REDkit modding editor is finally live, albeit in its beta version. It may be 10 years after the game’s release, but better late than never.

In the words of CDPR, the REDkit is

…based on the same set of tools that were used by our developers to create the game and should allow for nearly limitless freedom in modding it. REDkit will be available free of charge for all owners of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PC and it’s scheduled to release later this year.


This tool will make it much easier to create Witcher 3 mods for the game’s PC version. Witcher 3 modders have long requested this tool, and CDPR finally announced it in 2023.

Witcher 3 REDkit modding tool.

With the release of the REDkit, we can expect to see many more amazing Witcher 3 mods coming out soon. Here are some awesome mods we could see in the near future:

  • New quests
  • New zones
  • New cutscenes
  • New characters/monsters/NPCs
  • New dialogue
  • New adult mods 👀
  • Absolutely ridiculous mods like giving Geralt guns

The possibilities are truly endless. Stay tuned, we’ll be updating our best Witcher 3 mods list with any cool new additions. You can also scout for new mods on the Nexus Mods Witcher 3 section

If you want to use the tool, you can gain access by going to this Steam page and clicking request access. However, keep in mind the tool is currently in its beta form and will be available until April 30. CDPR will be releasing the full, complete REDkit “later this year.” 

In addition, CDPR also mentioned that they will be enabling the Steam Workshop for Witcher 3, which will make it easier to search, install, and use mods.

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