Must-Have Witcher 3 Mods

With the Witcher 3 Modkit release last week, there have been a lot more mods being released. Here are the top mods to enhance your Witcher 3 experience, especially for NG+!

Note: I’ve released a new Witcher 3 mod list for 2020 and beyond.

1. Auto Loot by JupitertheGod:

autoloot This is a straightforward mod that does exactly what it says. It loots some things automatically (as soon as you are in range to loot), and for others it eliminates the loot popup so you loot everything at once.

Very handy mod to cut down on the time it takes to loot. This addon also has some customization filters for specifying how you want to loot things.

2. Main Map Zoom by Tweaks:

This mod does 2 things: first, it allows you to zoom out your map to the absolute maximum extent, and second, you can fast travel to posts from anywhere in the world. This is my favorite mod right now along with auto loot.

Main map zoomed out in White Orchard.

3. Immersive HUD by Gopher Friendly HUD by wghost81

This mod has been replaced by a much better one by wghost81. Check out my new post on mods for more information.

4. Over 9000 – Weight limit  by GiecuMan:

weightlimitmod Another practical mod – it raises your weight limit by 9000. This means you don’t really need to worry about weight anymore and can loot everything you want. If you see weight/bag slot limits in RPGs as a crutch, this is certainly a great mod to enhance your gaming experience.

Optional Mods:



This is currently the most popular Witcher 3 graphical mod – it changes the shading of the game to resemble a more dark, gritty look reminiscent of the 2013 Witcher trailer. I did not include it in the above list for 2 reasons:

First, it changes the game’s look significantly in a way that some people may not like, rather than improving the graphics. Second, it’s kind of a pain to install, especially if you use video game capture programs like me. Check out the mod page to see if you like it.

Debug Console:

This mod allows you to access the Witcher 3 Console, where you can input hundreds of commands allowing you to do things like spawn characters, enemies, loot, and more. I wouldn’t recommend this mod for your normal game playthrough since it gives you so many ways to “cheat” the game, but if you want to have fun and learn more about code and stuff, then try it out.

That’s all for now. I’m just at the beginning of my NG+ playthrough so I will be looking to discuss more mods in the coming weeks. If you find cool mods please share in the comments!

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