The 20 Best Witcher 3 Characters

The Witcher 3 is regarded as one of the best games of all time, and for good reason. One of its shining strengths is the writing, which includes a diverse array of amazing characters.

Each comes with their unique goals, backstories, and motivations, creating the kind of depth that gets us truly invested.

But while everyone has their personal favorites, there’s no denying that some characters stand out. Here’s our ranking of the 20 best characters in Witcher 3 and why we like them. 

20: The Rude Sleeping Vampire

This character you encounter in Blood and Wine is a testament to the fact that you don’t need a lot of screen time to stand out. 

In the quest “A Tomb Entombed,” you’ll need to open a sarcophagus in the Novigrad sewers, revealing a vampire in a deep, undisturbed sleep.

Should you wake him, the vampire’s brusque demeanor and disdain for being woken up is hilarious, making his short appearance both realistic and memorable. 

19: Roach

In the books, Roach is just a name that Geralt gives to any horse he has. The logic here is that his steeds are disposable and can die at any moment, making them disposable like cockroaches. 

So, it’s endearing to see Roach remain Geralt’s constant companion in Witcher 3, complete with funny glitches, like being stuck behind fences and sitting on rooftops.

And if you happen to do the “Equine Phantoms” quest in Blood and Wine, you’ll get the opportunity to talk to your trusted steed, making the character even more adorable and memorable. 

18: Thaler, AKA Bernard Ducat

Thaler is a shrewd and resourceful spy who plays a major role in the first Witcher game. Although he doesn’t get as much screen time in Witcher 3, his penchant for swearing at any given moment makes for some hilarious and memorable moments. 

We really have to give props to his voice actor here. He does a great job of delivering Thaler’s colorful dialogue, providing a much-needed comical respite in the otherwise dark world of The Witcher.

17: Johnny

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Johnny is a mischievous and curious godling encountered by Geralt after talking to the children being taken care of by the Crones. The witcher has to restore his speech before Johnny talks his ears off and lets him know everything he should about the heinous Crones of Crookback Bog.

Johnny’s childlike appearance is juxtaposed perfectly with his hilarious dialogue, including his infamous line about defecating to the sunrise. Despite his relatively minor role, Johnny’s memorable personality makes him one of the more entertaining Witcher 3 characters.

16: Zoltan Chivay

Zoltan Chivay is Geralt’s loyal friend in all three Witcher games, giving him a more notable role than he has in the books. A seasoned dwarven warrior with a weakness for gambling, Zoltan features prominently in Geralt’s adventures in Novigrad. 

His trustworthy nature, no-nonsense attitude, and great sense of humor make him easily one of the best characters in Witcher 3. What makes Zoltan even more endearing is his resilience and optimism in the face of the discrimination he faces as a dwarf. 

15: Lambert

Lambert is a brash and skilled witcher who doesn’t give off the best first impression. A fellow witcher on the Wolf School, he’s one of Geralt’s closest friends.

Lambert’s sharp tongue makes for some hilarious moments in the game, including arguably the most memorable line of dialogue in all of Witcher 3.

But despite his gruff exterior, Lambert harbors deep-seated insecurities and traumas from being forced into the life of a witcher. These two sides of his character make Lambert a realistically flawed yet compelling character. 

14: Avallac’h

Avallac’h mysterious nature makes him a memorable addition to Witcher 3. In the game, he grooms Ciri to save the world from the White Frost, even if a part of him is somewhat obsessed with her because of how similar she looks to Lara Dorren, the elven woman he loved. 

While he aids Ciri and Geralt in their battle against the Wild Hunt, Avallac’h never truly reveals his goals or motivations, leaving players to ponder exactly what he has planned. We wish Witcher 3 gave us more time to explore Avallac’h’s backstory to match up with the complex, conflicted character he is in the books. 

13: Vernon Roche

Vernon Roche is a fierce and honorable Temerian soldier. Known for his unwavering loyalty to his country and his comrades, Roche proves to be a valuable ally to Geralt in Witcher 2 if the White Wolf decides to side with him in the game.

Roche possesses a strong sense of morality and justice, and the bond he shares with his companion Ves is a prime example of this. 

Roche has a smaller but notable role in Witcher 3. It’s a shame that the quests featuring his character were cut down substantially, lessening his impact in the third game.

12: Crach an Craite

Crach an Craite is a formidable and respected Jarl of Skellige. He is a key figure in Skelligan politics, a fair and just leader deeply devoted to the well-being of his people. Crach helps Geralt in his search for Ciri before asking for a favor in return—namely, to help his children ascend to the throne after a conspiracy starts brewing.

Crach stands out for his strong, honorable, and pragmatic character, which perfectly represents the proud and resilient people of Skellige. He’s also unique for having a softer side, which we see in his interactions with his children and his intimate history with Yennefer. 

11: Letho of Gulet

The Kingslayer made a name for himself as the antagonist in The Witcher 2, introducing himself as a cunning and skilled witcher tasked with assassinating numerous Northern kings. 

Thanks to his complex, morally gray character, Letho instantly became a fan favorite. That’s why we were happy to see him return in Witcher 3, albeit in more of a cameo role. 

Letho’s combat prowess and intelligence, which contrast starkly with his physical appearance, make him a formidable ally. Players who spared Letho in the second game can encounter a quest featuring this witcher, culminating in Geralt asking for his help to defend Kaer Morhen against the Wild Hunt.

10: Cerys an Craite

Cerys an Craite is one of Crach’s children and easily the best successor to her father. Known for her intelligence and strategic acumen, Cerys seeks to lead her clan with compassion and foresight. Despite facing opposition due to her gender, Cerys proves herself capable of facing the challenges of leadership if Geralt follows her questline to the end.

Her progressive ideals and unwavering dedication to her people make her a compelling character Geralt interacts with during his journey through the Isles. Her brother Hjalmar is too headstrong and prone to violence, which further cements Cerys as the better option to rule Skellige.

9: Olgierd von Everec

One of the major characters in Hearts of Stone, Olgierd is a tragic and complex figure haunted by his past. Once an admirable nobleman of wealth and power, Olgierd’s descent into darkness is a haunting tale as old as time. 

It is precisely Olgierd’s glaring flaws and attempts at redemption that make him such a realistic and compelling character. He grapples with the consequences of his choices, particularly the cruel manner in which he treated his wife, Iris.

Olgierd’s quest to become mortal and be able to feel again strikes a chord with players. While you’re certainly within your rights to abandon him, we think helping Olgierd is the better choice.

8: Dandelion

Dandelion (or Jaskier for fans of the Netflix series) is a charismatic bard known for his colorful personality and penchant for storytelling. A close friend and confidant of Geralt, Dandelion provides comic relief and emotional support throughout the game. His presence is strongly felt thanks to the loading screen narrations. 

He may seem frivolous, but Dandelion’s loyalty and unwavering friendship are proven time and time again in The Witcher 3. Rescuing him is a triumph that lets players interact with this womanizing bard and engage in a number of fun quests surrounding this flamboyant character.

7: Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy

Book readers who saw Regis burn to a crisp in the books were glad to see him return in Blood & Wine. 

This centuries-old high vampire possesses a keen intellect and a deep sense of empathy. For someone so powerful, Regis’ calm, composed, intelligent, and genuinely nice demeanor makes him a treat to interact with every single time. He’s truly the kind of reliable friend Geralt needs and deserves.

His insistence to help Dettlaff for saving him is something to be admired. It’s not until his vampire friend goes past the point of redemption that he decides to do what has to be done. 

6: Phillip Strenger, AKA The Bloody Baron

The Bloody Baron is the poster child of what makes The Witcher 3 one of the best-written video games of all time. As the ruler of Crow’s Perch, he initially appears as a power-hungry warlord, becoming even more heinous in the eyes of the player when they find out that he beat his runaway wife.

However, as we delve deeper into his story, we realize everything is not exactly as it seems, making it hard to paint the Baron as the outright bad guy. His character and questline challenge the player’s perceptions of right and wrong. His redemption arc (if Anna isn’t transformed into a Water Hag) is something that many fans root for despite all the bad things he’s done.

5: Triss Merigold

Triss Merigold is a powerful sorceress who serves as Geralt’s long-time companion in all three Witcher games.

Her intelligence, resourcefulness, and unwavering loyalty to Geralt make her a valuable ally, regardless of whether she’s romanced or not. Her compassion and empathy are dialed up to eleven in the game, which can be seen in her selfless efforts to aid her fellow mages in Novigrad.

Many players (especially those who never read the books) also believe she is the better romance option over Yennefer because of her warmer nature. 

4: Vesemir

Vesemir is a wise and experienced witcher who serves as a father figure to Geralt and his fellow witchers in Kaer Morhen. 

As the oldest surviving member of the Wolf School, Vesemir embodies the long-standing traditions and values of the Witcher order. He is both wise and stubborn, albeit in an endearing manner.

His tragic fate in the game is a tearjerker that shows just how selfless the witcher was. Till his dying breath, all he cared about was protecting Ciri. His funeral is also a turning point in the game, motivating Geralt and CIri to take decisive action against the Wild Hunt.

3: Gaunter O’Dimm

Gaunter O’Dimm, also known as the Man of Glass, is arguably the best antagonist in The Witcher 3. This mysterious entity manipulates events from the shadows, trapping both Geralt and Olgierd in his twisted deals. 

Capable of stopping time, It’s clear that Gaunter is an incredibly powerful being, something akin to the Devil, making him a formidable adversary to Geralt. Gaunter’s charisma, moral ambiguity, and omniscient nature make him the most memorable villain of Witcher 3.

2: Yennefer of Vengeberg

After a notable absence in the first two Witcher games, Yennefer finally made a much-awaited appearance in the Witcher 3. Known for her sharp wit and formidable magical abilities, Yennefer plays a significant role in the quest to find Ciri, moving heaven and earth to save her surrogate daughter.

Her complex relationship with Geralt is characterized by unbridled passion, endless conflict, and undeniable chemistry that can persist even after the duo asks a djinn to sever the threads of fate that bound them after a fateful encounter many years ago. The raven-haired sorceress is convincingly portrayed as Geralt’s canon love interest, much to the chagrin of Triss fans.

1: Geralt of Rivia

The White Wolf is one of the greatest RPG protagonists of all time, and for good reason. A complex character with a well-developed backstory, Geralt has a strong moral compass and tries to do the right thing even in the most morally difficult situations.

His stoic demeanor, dry wit, love for his friends, and fierce combat skills make Geralt the shining star of Witcher 3.

The dashing witcher does everything from helping hapless peasants to taking out dangerous monsters and being embroiled in political intrigue. Geralt’s many complex relationships and romances further highlight his depth and complexity. 

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