The 18 Best Side Quests in Witcher 3 You Shouldn’t Miss

In most games, side missions are dismissed as annoying distractions. But that’s not the case with Witcher 3, where the side quests are a true storytelling masterclass. 

They present players with morally complex decisions, challenging them to navigate a world where the line between right and wrong is often blurred. Exploring themes of love, betrayal, sacrifice, and the very nature of what it means to be human, these side quests offer a variety of outcomes shaped by your choices. 

Dive it to discover the 18 best side quests in Witcher 3, complete with notes on how to find them. 

Best Side Quests in Velen

Wild at Heart

Suggested Level: 7

How to Start: Players can pick up the quest from several Velen notice boards. 

About: “Wild at Heart” delves into the mysterious disappearance of a man’s wife. As Geralt investigates, he follows a trail marked by signs of a deadly beast in the woods. However, as the layers of the mystery unravel, it becomes evident that there’s more to Hanna’s disappearance than meets the eye. 

Why It’s Good: “Wild at Heart” is a testament to “The Witcher 3’s” ability to craft side quests that are as emotionally resonant as the main storyline. The narrative seamlessly blends monster hunting with a poignant human drama, challenging players to make morally ambiguous decisions. The quest’s strength lies in its unpredictability, as what starts as a simple search mission transforms into a tale of love, betrayal, and the consequences of unchecked emotions. 

The Volunteer

Suggested Level: 13

How to Start: This quirky side quest can be picked up on a notice board in Oxenfurt or directly at White Eagle Fort on the island/peninsula west of Oxenfurt Harbor. 

About: In “The Volunteer,” Geralt discovers a rock troll who has taken it upon himself to paint a Redanian coat of arms on a ship’s hull. Claiming to be a “Redanian soldier,” the troll earnestly believes he’s guarding the broken boat for the army. 

Why It’s Good: “The Volunteer” is a delightful deviation from the often grim and intense quests of “The Witcher 3.” It showcases the game’s lighter side, blending humor with world-building. The troll’s endearing mix of naivety and dedication offers a fresh perspective on the game’s war-torn world, reminding us that heartwarming moments can exist even in the darkest times. 

Return to Crookback Bog

Suggested Level: 9

How to Start: Speak to the Bloody Baron after agreeing to help free his wife. To avoid failing this quest, complete it before starting the main quest “The Isle of Mists.”

About: “Return to Crookback Bog” follows the tragic tale of the Bloody Baron and his family’s entanglement with the Crones of Crookback Bog. With Geralt’s assistance, the Baron hopes to rescue his wife, Anna, from the malevolent grasp of the Crones. 

Why It’s Good: One of the saddest quests in Witcher 3, “Return to Crookback Bog” stands out for its emotional depth and the weight of its moral choices. It serves as a poignant continuation of the Bloody Baron’s storyline, further exploring themes of redemption, love, and the consequences of one’s actions. This quest exemplifies “The Witcher 3’s” ability to craft side quests that are as impactful and thought-provoking as the main storyline.

Where the Cat and Wolf Play…

Suggested Level: 25

How to Start: You can get this quest by doing the ‘The Beast of Honorton’ contract first or by going directly to the village (located south of Crow’s Perch). This quest is area-sensitive, so don’t stray too far, or you’ll fail it. 

About: “Where the Cat and Wolf Play…” delves into a dark tale involving a fellow Witcher. 

Why It’s Good: This quest stands out for exploring the Witcher’s code and the moral complexities inherent in their profession. It offers a rare glimpse into the differences between the Witcher schools and challenges players to reflect on the nature of vengeance, justice, and mercy. The narrative depth and the moral choices presented to the player make “Where the Cat and Wolf Play…” a compelling and thought-provoking experience, highlighting the morally gray world of “The Witcher 3.

A Towerful of Mice

Suggested Level: 6

How to Start: This side quest can be picked up from Keira Metz after her initial invitation. You can only complete it before starting the main quest, “The Isle of Mists.”

About: “Towerful of Mice” sends Geralt to the haunted Fyke Isle, where a cursed tower stands. Inside, the spirits of plague victims linger, and a tragic love story unfolds. As Geralt investigates, he must navigate a series of spectral events, uncovering the dark tale of betrayal and cruelty that led to the island’s curse. 

Why It’s Good: One of the scariest quests in Witcher 3, “Towerful” stands out for its atmospheric storytelling and emotional depth. The eerie setting of Fyke Isle, combined with the tragic love story at its core, creates a haunting and memorable experience. The quest’s blend of investigation, supernatural elements, and moral dilemmas exemplifies the rich storytelling for which the game is celebrated.

Best Side Quests in Skellige

The Last Wish

Suggested Level: 15

How to Start: This quest can be initiated by talking with Yennefer in Skellige. You have to complete it before grabbing Uma from Crow’s Perch during Ugly Baby.

About: “The Last Wish” delves deep into the intricate relationship between Geralt and Yennefer. Together, they seek a djinn to break a magical bond that has tied their fates together for years. As they confront the powerful entity, they also confront the nature of their feelings for one another, questioning if their love is genuine or merely a product of the spell.

Why It’s Good: This quest stands out because it offers a profound exploration of love, choice, and destiny. Players are given the opportunity to shape one of the most central relationships in the Witcher series. The emotional depth, combined with the challenge of facing a djinn, makes “The Last Wish” a memorable and impactful experience.

The Tower Outta Nowheres

Suggested Level: 30

How to Start: You can pick up this quest from Urialla Harbor at An Skellig, where it will be raining, and a group of men are talking about a strange tower. 

About: “Tower Outta Nowheres” sees Geralt delving into the mystery of a tower that has magically materialized. Beyond its force field and the dangerous creatures it releases, the tower holds deeper secrets that Geralt must uncover. 

Why It’s Good: This quest cleverly critiques tedious video game DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems. The in-game DRM, which locks content behind barriers, mirrors gamers’ real-world frustrations with restrictive DRM practices. The solution in the quest – finding a “Gottfried’s Omni-opening Grimoire” (or GOG, a nod to CD Projekt’s own DRM-free platform, to bypass the tower’s defenses – is a humorous jab at the idea of DRM-free gaming. This meta-commentary adds depth to the quest and showcases the developers’ self-awareness and stance on consumer-friendly practices in the gaming industry.

The Cave of Dreams

Suggested Level: 14

How to Start: Find Blueboy Lugos near a cave far southeast of Holmstein’s Port in southwest Ard Skellig or talk to Madman Lugos after the Stranger in a Strange Land quest. Cave of Dreams is a bit of a “hidden” quest that’s easy to miss because it can only be done after finishing The King is Dead – Long Live the King but before before completing King’s Gambit.

About: “The Cave of Dreams” is not your typical Witcher quest. Instead of hunting monsters, Geralt and Blueboy Lugos’s crew venture into a cave said to bring to life the deepest dreams and fears of those who enter. Inside, each party member, including Geralt, confronts visions from their past, their regrets, and their nightmares. 

Why It’s Good: This quest blends combat with deep character development. It offers players a rare glimpse into Geralt’s psyche, revealing vulnerabilities and memories often overshadowed by his role as a monster hunter. The cave’s dreamlike, sometimes surreal atmosphere contrasts beautifully with the rugged reality of Skellige, making it a memorable and introspective detour. 


Suggested Level: 17

How to Start: You can pick up this quest after speaking with Crach an Craite during the main quest The King is Dead – Long Live the King. You have to finish this quest before starting Battle Preparations.

About: “Possession” revolves around a Jarl who believes he’s cursed. Geralt is tasked with uncovering the truth behind the supernatural occurrences and simultaneously aiding Cerys an Craite, one of the two aspirants to the Skellige throne. The investigation reveals a tale of betrayal, guilt, and a malevolent spirit. 

Why It’s Good: “Possession” is a masterful blend of psychological horror and Norse-inspired mythology. It delves deep into Skellige’s traditions, beliefs, and family bonds. The quest challenges players to make morally ambiguous decisions.

The Lord of Undvik

Suggested Level: 17

How to Start: You can pick up this quest from Crach an Craite; it will fail if not completed before starting the “Battle Preparations” main quest. 

About: “The Lord of Undvik” sees Geralt following the steps of Hjalmar, the second candidate for Skellige’s throne, who left to slay an ice giant on Undvik. However, upon arrival, it’s evident that the mission has gone awry. 

Why It’s Good: This quest encapsulates the essence of Skellige: its harsh environment, warrior culture, and ancient legends. The atmospheric storytelling, combined with the desolation of Undvik, creates a palpable tension. Players are not just battling monsters but also piecing together a tragic narrative through clues and survivor accounts. “The Lord of Undvik” showcases the game’s ability to blend rich lore, exploration, and action.

Did you know? The Lord of Undvik was the first quest developed for Witcher 3. It’s so incredibly complex that some interesting details about it weren’t uncovered until a YouTuber stumbled upon them in 2021, more than six years after the game’s release.

Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted

Suggested Level: 29

How to Start: This side quest can be picked up at Fyresdal village in southern Ard Skellig. 

About: “Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted” is a unique Witcher contract where Geralt is hired to investigate a series of brutal attacks in the village of Fyresdal. As he delves deeper, he discovers that there’s much more to the story than we expected. 

Why It’s Good: This quest stands out for its introspective take on the typical monster-hunting contracts. Instead of a straightforward hunt, it challenges players to reflect on the nature of Geralt’s work and the consequences of his actions. The narrative twist, where the monsters turn the tables on the hunter, offers a fresh perspective on the game’s central theme of moral ambiguity. “Contract: Skellige’s Most Wanted” is a testament to “The Witcher 3’s” ability to subvert expectations.

Best Side Quests in Novigrad

A Matter of Life and Death

Suggested Level: 12

How to Start: You can start this quest by talking to Triss Merigold after the Count Reuven’s Treasure main quest. You have to complete it before doing the “Isle of Mists” main quest. 

About: Triss Merigold, a sorceress and one of Geralt’s two main romantic interests, needs his help to rescue mages from Novigrad, where they face persecution and death. The mission’s climax is a masquerade ball, where amidst the glitz, glamor, and intrigue, Geralt and Triss work covertly to ensure the mages’ escape. 

Why It’s Good: This quest masterfully blends political intrigue, romance, and action. It offers players a deeper look into the plight of mages in the Witcher world, highlighting the game’s rich lore and complex socio-political dynamics. The masquerade ball, with its vibrant atmosphere and character interactions, stands out as one of the most memorable sequences in the game. The choices made during this quest have significant ramifications, making it entertaining and pivotal to the game’s overarching narrative.

Carnal Sins

Suggested Level: 16

How to Start: You start this quest later in the game, when talking to Dandelion after he turns a brothel into the Chameleon. You have to finish it before doing the “Isle of Mists.” 

About: “Carnal Sins” is a chilling narrative that plunges Geralt into a detective role. Novigrad is being terrorized by a serial killer who’s targeting prominent city figures, leaving behind a trail of gruesomely mutilated bodies. 

Why It’s Good: This quest stands out due to its dark, suspenseful atmosphere and its deviation from the typical monster-hunting quests. It showcases a different side of Geralt – the detective – and challenges the player’s deductive reasoning. The choices made can lead to different outcomes, emphasizing the game’s theme of actions and consequences.

Of Dairy and Darkness

Suggested Level: 9

How to Start: To start this quest, buy the lizard figurine from the merchant in Gildorf (Novigrad district) and head to the Aeramas’ Abandoned Manor east of Oxenfurt. 

About: In “Of Dairy and Darkness,” Geralt’s investigative prowess is put to the test to uncover the tale of an eccentric mage obsessed with cheese. 

Why It’s Good: This quest is a delightful blend of humor and mystery, offering a break from the game’s often intense and dramatic narratives. The sheer absurdity of the quest makes “Of Dairy and Darkness” a standout experience. 

Following the Thread

Suggested Level: 11

How to Start: You’ll stumble on this quest after starting Contract: Monster in the Bits, which you pick up from the notice board in Novigrad’s Hierarch Square. 

About: “Following the Thread” sees Geralt pair up with his witcher pal Lambert. The two take on a mission of revenge. 

Why It’s Good: This quest stands out for its depth and connection to the larger Witcher lore. It offers players a closer look into the world of Witchers, their various schools, and the often tragic paths they tread. The choices presented to players are morally complex, emphasizing the game’s theme of living in shades of gray. 

Reason of State

Suggested Level: 30

How to Start: Many people end up missing this quest entirely because it requires the completion of a whole bunch of other optional quests. It becomes available in the main game’s third act.

About: Geralt finds himself entangled in a conspiracy involving key political figures like Vernon Roche, Dijkstra, and Thaler. The objective? To assassinate King Radovid, a ruler whose reign has been marked by persecution and tyranny. The quest culminates in a series of pivotal decisions that will shape the political landscape of the Northern Realms.

Why It’s Good: “Reason of State” stands out for its intricate portrayal of political intrigue and the moral complexities of leadership and rebellion. It challenges players to weigh the greater good against personal loyalties, forcing them to make decisions that have far-reaching consequences for the game’s world. 

It’s also one of the most important side quests in Witcher 3 because it has a big impact on the game’s ending, including not just who rules but even Ciri’s fate.

Best Side Quests in Blood & Wine (Toussaint)

Equine Phantoms

Suggested Level: 44

How to Start: This funny Blood and Wine quest can be picked up from Pinastri’s Hermitage, northeast of the Dun Tynne Crossroads. 

About: In “Equine Phantoms,” Geralt is tasked with investigating a meadow haunted by a ghostly horse. The investigation takes a turn for the surreal when Geralt consumes a special concoction.

Why It’s Good: “Equine Phantoms” is a breath of fresh air, offering a lighter tone amidst the often dark and intense quests of “The Witcher 3.” We don’t want to spoil the quest too much. Suffice to say, it’s one of the funniest moments of Witcher 3, and you’ll get a chance to communicate with someone you didn’t expect.

Warble of a Smitten Knight

Suggested Level: 35

How to Start: Speak to Guillaume at the Tourney Grounds near Beauclair. You can only do this quest before the “Capture the Castle” Blood and Wine main quest. 

About: “Warble of a Smitten Knight” revolves around the annual tourney held in Toussaint. Geralt is roped into participating in the event by Guillaume, who hopes to win the heart of the lady he loves, Vivienne. 

Why It’s Good: This quest stands out for its rich blend of action, romance, and detective work. It offers players a chance to engage in unique challenges, showcasing different facets of Geralt’s skills. The vibrant atmosphere of the tourney, combined with the emotional depth of Guillaume and Vivienne’s story, makes “Warble of a Smitten Knight” a multifaceted and memorable experience.

The quest beautifully captures the spirit of Toussaint, blending the region’s chivalric traditions with the darker, more complex narratives characteristic of “The Witcher 3.”

Have a side quest we didn’t mention, but you found awesome? Let us know in the comments! We definitely had to leave some quests out, or this article would be too long. This highlights how damn good Witcher 3’s side quests are. 

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