Witcher Lore: Who is Gaunter O’Dimm?

witcher 3 who is gaunter o'dimm

We’ve been wanting to write something about Witcher lore for a while. While the Witcher franchise doesn’t leave as much room for theories and interpretations as a series like Dark Souls,  there are still some interesting things to explore. In this entry, we’ll focus on Gaunter O’Dimm — the villain of Witcher 3’s Hearts of … Read more

Hearts of Stone Info

With the release of Witcher 3’s expansion “Hearts of Stone” mere weeks away (October 13th) it’s a good time to showcase some fresh information. As a quick reminder, the plot of HoS will see Geralt facing off against the immortal bandit leader Olgierd von Everec, at the behest of the “man of glass” -a character you actually met … Read more